Websites and Projects

Below are a selection of websites and projects that I am currently working on. Some are near completion, some may take years, others may never do anything other than sit there uncompleted.

There's also a selection of websites and projects that I may develop into something at some point in the future whenever the urge takes me.

Websites active and under development:

  • - This is my photography website, generally updated with a new image very weekday, and mostly featuring HDR images that are taken whilst out doing a little bit of Urban Exploration.
  • - Random lists created as and when I get the inspiration. The site only has a few entries but gets around 700 daily hits, fluctuating down to 400 and up to 1200 - with one image appearing on the #1 spot for google image searches of that keyword. Consistent revenue, but still quite a low total - can be easily increased with extra content.
  • - Home of my forum for the past 7 years or so. The forum is primarily riddle based, though does feature other mostly irrelevant content. Puzzle lovers unite. The site has recently moved from the to the .com
  • - a blog looking primarily at my HDR photography.
  • St Paul's Knightsbridge - A church website I worked on for a friend to promote his church in the lovely Knightsbridge area.
  • Egyptism - A website looking at all things to do with ancient Egypt. Aim to develop in 2010.
  • ShuffleUpAndDeal - A site focusing on playing poker in London.
  • - A riddle based website, obviously.
  • Farmyard Media - I'll be bringing back Cow and Chicken, Pig and Goat and Duck and Donkey in 2010 or so.
  • - Geek related stuff, and how us men love it!

Projects currently working on::

  • murphyzBasement - An interactive text adventure which will integrate with the forum. Players will need to save local children from murphyzManor where they are being held captive.
  • - murphyz Entertaining NeverEnding Film Titles - Integrated into the forum, just name the film to progress.
  • ...and one or two others that I shan't be mentioning here yet.