Architecture in Helsinki

August 7, 2007 6 Comments

Last night I discovered at about 6:45, whilst sat in a pub near work, that Architecture in Helsinki were playing a gig that night at the Hoxton Bar and Grill.

Now, being a fan of the band and not having seen them before I knew I wanted to go…but of course that late in the day you have to wonder if they would be sold old, especially as I realised they were on only 45 minutes before the doors were said to open.

Luckily, however, they were playing less than 5 minutes from the house – hurrah. Who cares if they have sold out when you don’t have to commute very far to find out?

And so I went home, and Steve and I went to join the queue. Nearly 2 hours later we finally get inside as 2 of the last 40 people who were allowed in, grabbed a pint and then turned around as the band took to the stage at 9:55 – only 2 and a half hours after the ‘scheduled’ doors opening. The front door really was badly run.

As a live band they are great, and you can see that they just enjoy being on stage and making noise. Obviously this was a promo for their new album which is being released next week, and so they only threw in a few songs from their previous albums (that I recognised). As Steve mentioned afterwards though, there was a whole 80’s vibe to it which was just wrong for this band…and it was very odd.

Architecture in Helsinki – Wishbone

At one point they also paused and asked if anyone else walking down the street around this area felt like they were on the set of an episode of Nathan Barley – which made me titter, and think ‘You really have to have lived in Shoreditch to understand that programme’…which the band clearly hadn’t.

Disclaimer: No Dogs were harmed during the writing of this post. 😉