10,000 BC

January 11, 2009 3 Comments

10000bcposterI had the misfortune of watching 10,000 BC and not falling asleep.

I think if I was sat there with a few more beers inside me, and someone sat with me poking fun at it, and the complete disregard for research that the writers undertook, then it may have been slightly better – but it was extremely dire.

Luckily I waited until DVD before watching, and as far as I’m concerned I subscribe to LoveFilm so that I can happily get these types of movies without having to buy them.

So…storyline – dreadful. Effects – mediocre for this day and age, and nowhere near enough of them. Dialogue – far too much and far too boring. Acting – Camilla Belle is reasonably hot…nuff said.

If I type any more about this film I think I’ll punch the monitor and bite my thumbs off.

Thinking about watching it? Just….don’t.

The good parts:


…and then the next good part is when the credits finally start rolling.

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