January 2, 2009 Leave a Comment

This game was given to me as a present and I was dubious about it, having played ‘marble madness’ as a teen I thought this would be along the same lines. However, as soon as I started to play it my doubts had been cleared up – as it’s a wonderfully fun game.

The controls are easy to pick up and you’ll soon learn to tilt the Wiimote at full pace to pick up speed and then quickly bring it back level and beyond to slow the ball quickly and turn corners at pace. This is where the fun begins. Sure, the levels are nice to work your way through and get to the end, but the real fun is in beating the previous times, getting gold on all levels and in beating your friends in split screen mode – especially with a few drinks to lessen the reactions.

Some levels you will zip though quickly, others may have you stuck for a while. I remember one level took about 30 minutes to complete but then going back to do a time trial after completing it the time went down to 4 minutes.

There are a number of different balls that you can play as, but most of them are for novelty value and, I guess, for the children as I found myself playing with the original ball 90% of the time. There’s also a few secret courses which are easy to unlock, but always good to have in a game like this.

First few stages of Kororinpa

The reviews for this game state it’s a puzzle game, but don’t expect any problem solving puzzles really – it’s just a case of working out how to get to the end and just looking at your surroundings will show you the way.

Easy to pick up and play
No buttons to be used, simply tilt the Wii-mote
Replay value when attempting to set all records

A little short so you will complete quickly
Though you are offered multiple balls to play with, only one is of any use – the others are mere novelties
There aren’t too many new additions to the game as you progress – so you’re not going to be challenged to much as you get further and further