January 4, 2009 Leave a Comment

crush-sony-pspCrush is a fantastic little puzzle game made exclusively for the Playstation Portable.

It’s a multi-dimensional platformer that probably isn’t the easiest to explain in text. You have to flip from 3D to 2D throughout each level in order to gain access to areas and platforms that you cannot reach when in a single dimension – and so flattening the 3D environment when looking on from one angle results in a different landscape than when you flatten from another angle. Collect your marbles as you progress through the level, as well as special items such as a trophy, and then get to the end.

Here’s a video that may help to explain it a little better – yay for YouTube!

Level 10 of Crush on the PSP

In a way it’s similar to Paper Mario, though shorter, more unique and – to be honest – more of a challenge even if it isn’t too difficult.

You play Danny, an insomniac who is using a device called C.R.U.S.H created by his psychiatrist in order to regress unti his own mind, literally collect his marbles and eventually allow himself to fall into slumberland once more. It’s a little surreal, and dark, but is slightly amusing and – as with Professor Layton and the Curious Village – it’s great to see for the genre.

Unfortunately, once you have completed half of the 40 levels you’re not really introduced to anything new. The levels do get tougher, which is great, but you will find it becoming a little repetative in places.

Still, if you love platform puzzlers and own a PSP – this is a must buy item that deservers your attention, especially if you lay in bed at night unable to sleep!

Unique gameplay brings new life to the puzzling genre
Dark and amusing storyline which lacks in other games
Progressive difficulty allows you to get better at the game as you go along

Only 40 levels will not keep you challenged for too long
A little repetitive after the first 20 or so levels
No real replay value once you’ve completed it a couple of times making sure you get all of the secret stuff