Ninja Glove

January 4, 2009 1 Comment

ninjaNinja Glove is a collection of mini-games that you need to quickly master and complete in a very limited timescale. These games vary in difficulty, and range from clicking your mouse button 25 times in a row to guiding a small square across the screen, to playing a brief game of dash the asteroids and dressing a ninja.

If you don’t do one of the games in enough time you will lose a life, and if you lose a life it’s game over.

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As you have such a short amount of time to do the levels you most certainly won’t get very far on your first go. It’s only after replaying the game several times, hopefully after you’ve been injected with caffeine and have heightened reflexes, that you will instinctively know what to do as soon as the level starts and get on your way to doing it – I guess that is the way of the ninja.


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