Professor Layton and the Curious Village

January 3, 2009 Leave a Comment

Professor LaytonI love puzzles and riddles, so this game was bound to be right up my street. Most puzzle games you encounter nowadays seem to just provide you with puzzles that you need to solve and that’s it – this one actually has a storyline…and one that doesn’t suck too much.

The puzzles are quite varied – which is nice given the limited nature of the DS and how you would be able to input answers – and there are about 130 of them in total.

Anyone familiar with riddling will, however, find them to be very straightforward and none will provide you with a real challenge. You do still get a feeling of satisfaction when you complete them though, no matter how simple they are.

With the number and ease of the riddles it didn’t take long to complete the game so don’t expect more than 10 hours worth of play, and reply value is pretty much non-existent. The time spent playing is increased by the storyline as well – if you could just solve puzzle after puzzle without doing a story or having to move anywhere the game would be over within 2 hours.

There are a few ‘sidegames’ but these are very pointless and not worth mentioning – certainly not a buying point for the game.

Many puzzles with a lot of variety
Storyline, narration and music sets this apart from other DS puzzle games on the market
Downloadable puzzles available over the Nintendo WiFi connection

Too short
None of the puzzles are overly challenging
A few of the puzzles are worded slighlty ambiguously