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The BFG Dream Jars

July 7, 2016 Leave a Comment

Another day, another sculpture trail. After a long weekend walking around the streets of Dundee for the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, we see the BFG Dream Jar Trail on the streets of London – and now, it seems, a few other UK locations, from Saturday 9th July. This in a year where we also have Rhinos in Exeter and Elephants in Sheffield – and probably a few others I haven’t looked at yet. I was thinking earlier this year that I may miss doing one of these…and now they all seem to be coming out at once.

Anyway, this BFG trail sees 50 jars hitting various locations in London for the most part, with a handful in various other UK locations – the furthest afield being Glasgow. As usual, I intend on working my way around them – certainly the London ones, but as I’m a bit of an obsessive completest I may need to go to the others as well…we’ll see how much I enjoy the London ones before I book train tickets.

I think these ones will be pretty hard to photograph as they are seemingly glass jars which means a very reflective and oddly shaped surface, but I’ll do my best and will upload images of them as and when I get them.

Release wise, there’s now a map which doesn’t make everything the clearest. The blurb states that 34 will be out from the 9th July, and the remaining 16 will follow on the 22nd. However the official map indicates 17 from 22nd, one which has both blue and gold colours, and also 3 ‘starred’ icons with no indication what the star means. They seem to all be in Harrod’s, so perhaps that’s a thing.

There are also a few mini trails shown on the website, but this doesn’t seem to cover all jars at this time, and a few are in locations outside of the trails.

Therefore, I’ve ignored trails for the purposes of my own Google Map (other than a mention in the comments) and will update this map with locations, images and potentially other information as I work my way around it.

See below for a list of the dream jars and their locations. I’ll link to images once I take and process them. You can view a large version of the map here – BFG Dream Jars Google Map

1 – Jamaican Roots by Levi Roots (Notting Hill Gate from 09 July 2016)
2 – Sisterhood by Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne (Pelham St from 09 July 2016)
3 – Dream On by Henry Holland (Duke of York Square from 09 July 2016)
4 – Monkey Business by Graham Norton (Harrods from Unspecified date)
5 – Dreamy Dreaming Dreams Dog by Robert Bradford (Harrods from Unspecified date)
6 – Dreams are as Precious as Gold by Harrods (Harrods from Unspecified date)
7 – The Amethyst Owl by Sabine Roemer (Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park from 09 July 2016)
8 – Reach for the Stars by Sir Richard Branson (Marble Arch from 09 July 2016)
9 – Never-ending Christmas by Tom Fletcher (Marylebone Station from 22 July 2016)
10 – We All Dream of Ice Cream by Erin O’Connor (South Molton Street from 09 July 2016)
11 – Happy Jumble of Life by Sophie Dahl (New Bond Street from 09 July 2016)
12 – Enchanted Forest by Naomi Campbell (Regent St / Princes Street from 22 July 2016)
13 – A Dreamy Dancer’s Dream by Karen Elson (Carnaby Street from 22 July 2016)
14 – Dream of England by Dame Helen Mirren MBE (Golden Square from 09 July 2016)
15 – On The Wings of a Dream by Aston Martin / Red Bull Racing (Wellington Arch from 09 July 2016)
16 – Innocence by HRH The Countess of Wessex (The Queen’s Gallery from 22 July 2016)
17 – Mayor of Dreamland by Cllr. Robert Davis MBE DL (Broadway/Christchurch from 09 July 2016)
18 – The Merry Go Round by Mark Rylance (Parliament Square from 09 July 2016)
19 – Read by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall (St James’s Park from 09 July 2016)
20 – Believe in Extraordinary by Team GB (Trafalgar Square from 22 July 2016)
21 – Sweet Dreams by Steven Spielberg (Leicester Square from 09 July 2016)
22 – Once Upon a Dream by Angelababy (Chinatown from 22 July 2016)
23 – Theatre of Dreams by Tim Minchin (Neal Street from 09 July 2016)
24 – Dream Big by Romero Britto (Russell Street from 09 July 2016)
25 – The Eternal Dreamer by Hayden Kays (Victoria Embankment Gardens from 22 July 2016)
26 – I Dreamt I Could Fly by Quentin Blake (House of Illustration, King’s Cross from 09 July 2016)
27 – Penny for Your Thoughts by Jane Morgan (Guildhall Yard from 09 July 2016)
28 – The Diamond Garden by Hatton Garden (Hatton Garden from 22 July 2016)
29 – Home Is Where the Heart Is by Dominic West (St Paul’s Cathedral from 09 July 2016)
30 – I Dream of the Universe by Professor Stephen Hawking (St Paul’s Cathedral Visitor Centre from 09 July 2016)
31 – A Whale’s Tale by Maisie Williams (Museum of London from 09 July 2016)
32 – Creativity Takes Flight by Geraldine van Heemstra (Barbican Centre Children’s Library from 22 July 2016)
33 – Golden Phizzgunner Dreams by Arsenal Football Club (Emirates Stadium from 22 July 2016)
34 – Totem Pole by Nadiya Hussain (Broadgate Circle from 09 July 2016)
35 – The Heart Takes Over by David Weir CBE (Royal Exchange from 09 July 2016)
36 – A Stitch in Time Saves Nine by Jenny Packham (The Monument from 22 July 2016)
37 – Ship of Dreams by Sir Ben Ainslie (Old Billingsgate Riverside from 09 July 2016)
38 – For the Love of Animals by Simon Cowell (Tower of London from 22 July 2016)
39 – City of Dreams by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (Tower Bridge from 22 July 2016)
40 – For the Love of the Hedgehog by Zoella (More London from 09 July 2016)
41 – The Open Dream by Justin Rose (The Scoop near City Hall from 09 July 2016)
42 – Healthy Start, Happier Lives by RB (London Bridge Pier from 22 July 2016)
43 – Up, Up and Away by Niall Horan (The View from The Shard from 09 July 2016)
44 – Safe by Ryan McElhinney (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre from 22 July 2016)
45 – Tree of Dreams by Jill Berelowitz (Bankside outside Tate Modern from 09 July 2016)
46 – Explore. Dream. Discover by Buzz Aldrin (Greenwich Planetarium from 09 July 2016)
47 – The Dream by Laura Mvula (Birmingham Library, Birmingham from 22 July 2016)
48 – Field of Dreams by Sam Warburton (The Hayes, Cardiff from 22 July 2016)
49 – This is Where All Dreams is Beginning by Ruby Barnhill (The Lowry Plaza, Manchester from 09 July 2016)
50 – The Endless Carnival by Caio Locke (Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow from 09 July 2016)

Key (replicating that on the official map)
Blue – released from 09 July 2016
Gold – released from 22 July 2016
Red star – Not sure, these are all in Harrods, so maybe special in some way.

Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

June 26, 2016 Leave a Comment

There are a few public sculpture art exhibits this year, but the first I’m attending is the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail up in Dundee. Around the same size as the Shaun the Sheep exhibit on the streets of London last year, this one sees 55 statues of Oor Wullie placed around the city of Dundee.

I remember reading Oor Wullie as a kid growing up in the North of Scotland. Along with ‘The Broons’ it was a regular read for me in both the newspaper and as an annual comic so I’m quite pleased that it has been chosen for this trail.

This one is run as a collaboration between The ARCHIE Foundation, DC Thomson and Wild in Art (who do a lot of these so it should be well organised); the official website can be found here: Oor Wullie Bucket Trail; it will run on the streets of Dundee from 27th June to 27th August 2016.

I wandered around Dundee over a long weekend taking images of them all. This was mostly done by walking, with a few bus trips to get the ones which were far away from the city centre…but the trail will be a bit easier if you are in a car. Cycling is also feasible, but Dundee has a lot of hills so not sure I would do that myself.

Oor Wullie Statues
Here are the 55 statues; I’ll add image links to them next week as I take images of them, or you can view them all here as part of my StellerStories

1 – Oor Golfer (Carnoustie Golf Links)
2 – Dun Deagh and the 5 Glens (Dundee Law) Selfie Bucket
3 – Whars Wullie? (Dudhope Park)
4 – Sweet Shop (The Hilltown Clock)
5 – Women of the World (The Dundee Weaver Lochee High Street)
6 – Tangerine Terror (Wellgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
7 – Oor Bobby (Overgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
8 – Wullie’s Cheeky Tales (Overgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie Selfie Bucket
9 – Biscuit Break (The McManus: Art Gallery and Museum) Indoor Wullie
10 – Dundee Past & Present (Seabraes)
11 – Amor Lucis  (Slessor Square)
12 – The Adventure of Discovery Never Ends (Slessor Square)
13 – Iron Boy (Stobsmuir “Swannie” Ponds)
14 – Oor Mechanic (City Churches)
15 – Oor Ideas (City Square) Selfie Bucket
16 – Oor JOLOMO (Apex Hotel ‘Duck Hill’)
17 – ‘Oor Rabbie’. The Bard and The Bucket (HM Frigate Unicorn)
18 – Oor Original (City Quay Diving Bell) Selfie Bucket
19 – Glow (City Quay D&ACC)
20 – Oor Lemming (Abertay University Library)
21 – Whar Ji Cum Fi? (The Howff)
22 – Oor Wheelie (Dundee Museum of Transport)
23 – Thick Cut (West Port, The Globe)
24 – Oor Ink (Underneath Dundee Road Bridge)
25 – Discovery Bridge (Marine parade Walk / Chandlers Lane)
26 – High School Wullie (High School of Dundee)
27 – You’re a Wizard Wullie (Morgan Academy)
28 – Woodland Wullie (Camperdown Wildlife Park)
29 – Discovery (Camperdown House) Selfie Bucket
30 – Yarnbombed (Ardler Complex / Community Library)
31 – Dreamland (Barnhill Rock Garden)
32 – Rain Song (Broughty Castle Museum)
33 – Oor Lifesaver (Broughty Ferry Slippy )
34 – Oor Wullie Noo (Douglas Parade, Broughty Ferry)
35 – Oor Bonnie Land (Evening Telegraph Competition) (Dawson Park)
36 – Wullymorph (Brook St, Broughty Ferry)
37 – Wullie the Mennace (Bash Street)
38 – Oor Bowie! Your Bowie! A’body’s Bowie! (Dundee Rail Bridge) Selfie Bucket
39 – Oor Wai ‘o’ Spikin’ (Discovery Point) Selfie Bucket
40 – Oor Lillies (Dundee University Botanic Gardens)
41 – From Oor Roots Up (Magdalen Green Bandstand) Selfie Bucket
42 – Fried Eggs for Breakfast (Dundee Contemporary Arts) Indoor Wullie (as you need to go through the DCA)
43 – Astro Wullie (Dundee Science Centre) Indoor Wullie Selfie Bucket
44 – Silicon (Mills Observatory)
45 – Hewn Oot the Rocks O’Dundee (Dundee Airport) Selfie Bucket
46 – Oor Artifacts (Tay Square (The Rep))
47 – Jute, Jam & Journalism (Verdant Works)
48 – The Dreamer (Welcome Trust Complex)
49 – When Wullie met Dr Manhattan (University of Dundee, Tower Building)
50 – Little Hands (Baxter Park)
51 – A Pocketfu’ O’Pieces (Wellgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
52 – Disco Wullie (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
53 – Oor Dreamcatcher (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
54 – Hallyrackit (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
55 – Tartan Wullie (Dundee Railway Station)

Red icons = an Outdoor Wullie
Blue icons = an Indoor Wullie; check the notes for opening times.

If you want to see a large scale version of the map where you can save it to your smart phone, please visit: Oor Wullie Bucket Trail – Google Map

Lumiere London – January 2016

January 5, 2016 Leave a Comment

From the 14th – 17th January 2016, there will be 30 light installations around 4 areas of London.

Lumiere London will light up our cold, dark evenings and give us something awesome to look at, such as giant illuminated fish and plants, window displays of LED dogs and fibre-optic dresses, and even an animated elephant.

You can find full details on the Lumiere Festival website at http://www.lumiere-festival.com/ or the Visit London website at http://www.visitlondon.com/lumiere/, however I didn’t really like the map options available and couldn’t find the exhibition on their iPhone app, so I went ahead and created my own Google Map showing where the 30 installations are likely to be found.

Map locations were taken from the website so may not be fully accurate at this stage, I’ll amend them if and when I go around myself on the 14th/15th.

Note that sunset for this time period is due to be around 4:30pm so it should be nice and dark by the time the lights are switched on.

Here’s a full list of the 30 installations as well as an embedded map. To view the full map visit ‘Lumiere London Google Map‘.

Piccadilly, Regent St & St James’s
1 Garden of Light by TILT (Giant illuminated plants)
2 Les Luminéoles by Porté par le vent (Giant illuminated fish)
3 Elephantastic by Catherine Garret / Top’là Design (Animated projection of an elephant)
4 Shaida Walking. 2015 by Julian Opie (Animated artwork of pedestrians)
5 Keyframes by Groupe LAPS (LED stick men)
6 1.8 London by Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman (Illuminated net sculpture)
7 195 Piccadilly by NOVAK (Animation)
8 I Haven’t Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years by Beth J Ross (Neon signs)
9 Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne (Multiple illuminated humans)

Trafalgar Square, Westminster
10 Plastic Islands by Luzinterruptus (Glowing rubbish within the fountains)
11 Centre Point Lights by N/A (Iconic lights usually found on Centre point tower)
12 Neon Dogs by Deepa Mann-Kler (Window display of neon dog balloon animals)
13 The Light of The Spirit by Patrice Warrener (Multicoloured martyrs, stained glass window style)

14 Sanctuary by Sarah Blood (Neon birdhouses, with sound)
15 Dissect I and Dissect II by Sarah Blood (Neon sculptures)
16 Spinning Night in Living Colour by Elaine Buckholtz (Moving line painting representing Van Gogh’s painting All Night Café, with sound)
17 Brothers & Sisters by Ron Haselden (Sketches turned into neon sculptures)
18 Lightbenches by Bernd Spiecker for LBO LichtBankObjekte (Park benches that have been illuminated)
19 Aquarium by Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille (Red telephone box repurposed as an aquarium)

King’s Cross
20 Platonic Spin by Nathaniel Rackowe (Illuminated rectangles)
21 IFO (Identified Flying Object) by Jacques Rival (Giant illuminated birdcage)
22 Joining the Dots by Cleary Connolly (Video installation)
23 King’s Cross Tunnel by Allies & Morrison (LED tunnel)
24 Dresses by Tae gon KIM (Fibre-optic LED dresses)
25 Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures (Interactive light graffiti)
26 binaryWaves by LAB[au] (Light and sound displayed influenced by nearby mobile phones, radios and cars)
27 Circus of Light by Ocubo (Circus projection)
28 Litre of Light by Mick Stephenson, Central Saint Martins, UAL, MyShelter Foundation (Water bottle light display)
29 Spectra-3 by FIELD.io (Interactive light sculpture)
30 Diver by Ron Haselden (Neon diver plunging into water)

Lumiere London on Google Maps

Note that the Google map linked above seemes to work well on the iPhone should you need it while wandering around London.
Lumiere London map on iPhone

Shaun in the City

April 6, 2015 24 Comments

There are currently 50 statues of Shaun the Sheep loitering around London in a similar manner to the Elephant Parade and Big Egg Hunt (and a few others that have happened in the past year or two). On display for just over a week as of writing this, they are here until the 31st May (now extended from the 25th)…shortly after which another 70 will be popping up in Bristol.

Check out the official Shaun in the City website for full details…otherwise a list of all of the Shauns, along with links to images I’ve taken, as well as my own Google map are below.

Using the App?
There is a pretty good app available from the official site; the GPS options didn’t work for me and always seemed to think I was in France, but it functions quite well otherwise and is a great thing for kids to use while on the trail. You can claim the sheep as you go around the trail using unlock codes and it keeps a tally of those you have visited, as well as giving trophies out.

The unlock codes can be found on the base of each statue. If you find a statue where the base has lost the unlock code, or if you simply forgot to check-in, then you can find the unlock codes for each Shaun on the map. Simply click on the statue you are missing to view details and you will find the 4 digit code to enter into the app.

Walking Trails
These statues are split into trails, and though I don’t agree with the timings specified to travel around them – especially with public transport and a desire to take images without people – this is certainly a relaxed set to go out and grab; easily completable within a day if you get all of the indoor locations while they are open.

Without further ado, here are the 50 that are in London – brackets show location in easy form – a map can be found at the end of the list with precise(ish) locations that I found them in.

Shaun’s Trail
1 Baa-Bushka (Carnaby Street, North side)
2 Rule Britannia (Carnaby Street, Middle, East)
3 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom (inside Hamley’s toy store, Ground floor)
4 Ram Of The Match (Regent Street, Middle, East)
5 Monsters! (inside Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, left side)
6 The Gruffalo Shaun (Haymarket, North side)
7 Jingtai (Newport Place)
8 Woolly Jumbo (Leicester Square park, South side)
9 Mossy Bottom (Leicester Square park, South side)
10 Nelson (Trafalgar Square, South side of Nelson’s Column)
11 Me Llamo Shaune (North-East side of The Mall, left of Admiralty Arch)

Timmy’s Trail
12 Ewe-Nion Jack (London Eye, part way down the path opposite)
13 Frida Baa-Hlo (inside the BFI, Side entrance at the top of stairs)
14 Pinky Plum (Riverside Terrace at Somerset House, North of Waterloo Bridge)
15 Candy Baa (Covent Garden Piazza, East side)
16 Another One Rides The Bus (Covent Garden Piazza, West side)
17 Flash! (St Martin’s Courtyard – through the passage beside Jamie’s Italian)
18 Paradise Bunch (Neal Street, South side)

Shirley’s Trail
19 Br-Ewe-Nel (Tate Modern, by the river)
20 To Sheep Perchance To Dream (Globe Theatre, by the river)
21 Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion (Opposite St Paul’s, South side)
22 Out Of This World (Outside tourist information, West of the last sheep)
23 Baa-Roque (West side of St Paul’s)
24 Literary Lamb (North side of St Paul’s, entrance to Paternoster Square)
25 Hamish (Paternoster Square)
26 Chelsea Pen-Shaun-Er (South-East of St Paul’s)
27 A Capital View (East of St Paul’s)
28 Fine & Gandy (West entrance to One New Change)
29 Woolly Wiggle (Down the escalators from the last sheep)
30 The Guardian (South-West entrance of Guildhall)
31 Counting Sheep (inside Barbican, Silk Street entrance)

Bitzer’s Trail
32 Rainbow (Inside entrance to the View from the Shard; upstairs on the right)
33 Mittens (Just off the riverfront between HMS Belfast and More London)
34 Lenny (More London, top side of The Scoop)
35 Petal (More London, riverside of The Scoop)
36 Globetrotters (on Tower Bridge, West side)
37 Yeoman Of The Baaard (West side of Tower of London)
38 Shaun-Xiao (West side of Tower of London)
39 Liberty Bell (West side of Fenchurch St Station)
40 Kanzashi (East side of Lloyds of London)
41 Shanghai Shaun (North side of Leadenhall Market)
42 Robo-Shaun (Bank, West of the Royal Exchange)
43 Ruffles (inside Devonshire Square, New St entrance)
44 The Pearly King (inside Liverpool St Station, by Platform 1)
45 Mr. Shaun (North side of Finsbury Avenue Square (not Finsbury Square itself))

The Farmer’s Lost Sheep
46 Lambmark Larry (inside Paddington Station, platforms 8 & 9)
47 Paddington Shaun (North bank of Paddington Basin)
48 Happy & Glorious (Buckingham Palace side of St James’s Park)
49 Golden Fleece (Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf, Outside Jubilee Place entrance)
50 Hello Kitty’s #ONEKINDTHING (from last sheep, go inside, down escalators to food court, and then down escalators again (diagonally opposite Starbucks), then do a Ewe-turn)

Just want to browse the photos? Visit my Sean the Sheep gallery to flick through them.

Google map of the Shaun in the City locations; embedded version below:

In other news I managed do get through this whole post with only one sheep pun.

Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image in 5 Easy Steps

March 18, 2013 1 Comment

I’ve recently moved over to a Windows 8 machine, and the first thing I wanted to do was to personalise it a little bit so that I used my own images for the desktop background, and for the lock screen.

It took me a little bit of time to work out exactly where to go in order to change the lock screen image, so if you have landed on this page because you’re attempting to do the same, here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1
Move your mouse to the very bottom right hand side of the screen so that the right menu bar pops up.
Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image - Step One

Step 2
Select the Settings option
Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image - Step Two

Step 3
Click on ‘Change PC Settings’
Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image - Step Three

Step 4
Select the image you wish to use if visible, otherwise click on ‘Browse’
Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image - Step Four

Step 5
If browsing you will be within you pictures folder simply – select the image you wish to use, and then select ‘Choose Picture’
Changing your Windows 8 Lock Screen image - Step Five

BT Artbox Project

June 18, 2012 33 Comments

The BT Artbox Project is now live!

See what I did there?

So, the search is on and it looks like there may be 84 telephone boxes to find in total, though information for boxes #s 66 and 76 are currently missing, with the elusive details for box #79 popping up overnight.

The official map can be found here, but it’s not the best from my initial scout with boxes appearing in slightly different locations, plus I’m not sure if all of the boxes are out on Day 1. I have a busy week, plus a trip to Prague planned, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to grab all of these or get a map up – but here are spreadsheets in case you want them:

Here’s a downloadable spreadsheet to act as a checklist: Download spreadsheet
Here’s a Google maps spreadsheet that the community can add notes to: Google Spreadsheet

I’ll likely update this page with information in due course, as well as linking to all of the images I take on my Flickr stream.

Good luck out there 🙂

BT Artbox Project – coming soon

June 5, 2012 24 Comments

BT Artbox Project

Those who followed this blog during the Faberge Egg Hunt earlier this year (and likewise those who arrived a few years ago and helped look for elephants in the parade) will be pleased to know that we’re just two weeks away from the BT Artbox Project hitting the streets of London.

In support of Childline and sponsored, as the name suggests, by BT, this initiative will see the streets of London covered with replicas of the iconic telephone boxes designed by Giles Gilbert Scott; these fibreglass replicas will vary in their appearance and created by many different artists as the eggs, elephants and cows before them were.

Though the initial press release many months ago suggested that this would be the ‘largest public art exhibit’ to take place in London the design list currently shown on the website would suggest otherwise. Of course there is time for more to be added to the list, but it currently stands on around 81 boxes submitted. If they wish to beat the elephant parade they would certainly need over 3 times that amount to hit the streets.

Either way, I’m prepared to head out there and capture them all as usual – so check back here for the usual guide and map in due course.

Like the elephants there are a few potential issues to be faced. Sure, we’ll likely have to overcome the usual hostile shop assistants and security guards who want to have these in store, and drive traffic through their doors, but will then refuse you the option to photograph them; however I also note that the plinth these sit on mean that people are able to use them as both seats and trash cans. Added to this the likelihood that some will be damaged by some idiot I suggest you get out there and find them sooner rather than later.

Though the project doesn’t start until the 18th June there are 6 on display right now in celebration of the Jubilee. ‘Long Live Love Life’ is the design of Ryan Callanan and are at various spots around the capital, no new spots for those who did the elephants. All 6 are designed the same so only the location is new for each, and the ones at St Pancras International Station and Covent Garden are the most annoying by way of traffic, the former being very much used as a seat and a rubbish bin the two times I checked it out today.

The Big Egg Hunt

February 27, 2012 15 Comments

The Prize - Fabergé Golden Egg
The hunt is on for large eggs all across London!

Update: I’ve now added a map with locations for all of the eggs along with the relevant text codes. View the Big Egg Hunt Map now.

Fabergé are working with Action for Children and The Elephant Family to bring you an Easter full of fun if you live in London. The Big Egg Hunt sees 210 large decorated eggs let loose on the streets, and it’s your mission to find them all. Once found, you can track your eggs using the QR codes on a special plaque by each one, and if you wish to donate you can text in the special code for each egg with the cash raised being partially split between the two charities.

Those who do donate are in with the chance of winning the special prize that you see above, the Fabergé golden egg worth £100,000. I’ve held it, and I feel it would make an excellent paperweight on my desk at work!

Those of you who remember the Elephant Parade a few years ago will know that I enjoy finding and taking photos of all of these things, so this year I’m keeping my checklist here. As I process the images I will post them on Flickr and add links for them to the list below. You can download your own checklist in Excel format using the link at the end of this post.

So far I have collected 209 of the 210 eggs
I’m still looking for eggs shown in bold font, the eggs without image links are slowly being updated.

Roaming Egg – Where’s Wally – no specific zone

Zone 1 (complete)
29 – Eggstatic Eggstasy (Gees Court – Outdoor)
38 – What came first the chicken or the egg? (Selfridges – Indoor)
44 – Robi & Walt (Selfridges – Indoor)
45 – Walt & Robi (Selfridges – Indoor)
58 – The Happy End of Nature (St Christopher’s Place – Outdoor)
67 – No Placenta (St Christopher’s Place – Outdoor)
80 – The Alpha Egg of London (Selfridges – Indoor)
90 – The Social Egg (Selfridges – Indoor)
97 – The Birds Promise (Selfridges – Indoor)
99 – Little Boy (Selfridges – Indoor)
144 – SELF EGGSPRESSION (Selfridges – Indoor)
146 – Nemesis Sub-Terra (Gees Court – Outdoor)
162 – Seasonal Egg (St Christophers Place – Outdoor)
195 – Eggit (St Christophers Place – Outdoor)

Zone 2 (complete)
1 – The Big Bang Egg (Davies Street – Outdoor)
3 – Angel Hatching (Mill Street – Outdoor)
7 – Butterfly Effect Egg (Mount Street – Outdoor)
9 – Vanitas Vitrified (New Bond Street – Outdoor)
20 – For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti (Avery Row – Outdoor)
23 – A penny for your thoughts (Audley Street – Outdoor)
24 – Gem Egg – The Jewellery Box (Berkeley Square – Indoor)
30 – eggshabbychic (Savile Row – Indoor)
33 – Slice (Savile Row – Indoor)
39 – The Peace Egg (South Molton Street – Outdoor)
41 – All the Stars Moon & Sun (Savile Row – Indoor)
51 – Love & Flourish (South Audley St – Outdoor)
62 – Aurore (Dorchester Hotel – Indoor)
63 – Perdita (Claridges – Indoor)
64 – Egg (Mount Street – Outdoor)
65 – Teflon (Mayfair Hotel – Indoor)
85 – Fuego de Huevo (Fire Egg) (Berkeley Square – Outdoor)
89 – The Linley Britannia Egg (Albernarle Street – Indoor)
98 – The Birth of a Legend (Bruton Street – Outdoor)
104 – Resurrection (South Molton Street – Indoor)
106 – Remarkable Connections (Conduit Street – Indoor)
110 – Eggna (Bolton Street – Outdoor)
111 – Faith Egg (South Molton Street – Outdoor)
115 – Fragile (Carlos Place – Outdoor)
120 – Prince of a Thousand Enemies (Lancashire Court – Outdoor)
126 – Love is Life (Davies Street – Outdoor)
129 – Egg (Dorchester – Outdoor)
136 – Hatch (New Bond Street – Outdoor)
141 – Egg Box (New Bond Street – Outdoor)
145 – Harnessing the world’s wealth (Berkeley Street – Indoor)
147 – Rebirth (Berkeley Square – Outdoor)
148 – My Baku (Berkeley Square – Outdoor)
149 – New Day (Berkeley Square – Outdoor)
150 – Baku Fairy tale (Berkeley Square – Outdoor)
151 – Life is Beautiful (Berkeley Square – Indoor)
161 – Egg Voila (Berkeley Street – Indoor)
163 – Phoenix Egg (Lancashire Court – Outdoor)
166 – All the King’s Horses (Crafton Street – Outdoor)
172 – Nymphéas (Mount Street – Indoor)
175 – Purpura Vallis Egg (Davies Street – Outdoor)
176 – Golden Egg of Life (St George Street – Indoor)
177 – Ambush (Conduit Street – Outdoor)
185 – The Prince (Conduit Street – Outdoor)
194 – Mayoral Egg (Bruton Street – Outdoor)
196 – ON / OEUF (Mount Street – Outdoor)
197 – A Cruel Spring (Brook Street – Indoor)
207 – Egg & Soldiers (New Bond Street – Indoor)

Zone 3 (complete)
2 – Birth of Lilith (Sloane Square – Indoor)
8 – Pandora (Duke of York Square – Outdoor)
28 – Seraphina (Sloane Square – Outdoor)
34 – Caeruleus & The Good Egg (Lowndes Street – Indoor)
35 – Extraordinary Rubbish (Sloane Square – Indoor)
47 – Peacock in his Pride (Sloane Square – Outdoor)
50 – Time to Bloom (Duke of York Square – Outdoor)
73 – Charm (Pavillion Road – Outdoor)
74 – Rooster Weather Vane (Brompton Road – Outdoor)
76 – Colourful World (Cliveden Place – Outdoor)
79 – Boo (Sloane Square – Indoor)
88 – Dichotomy (Hans Cresent – Outdoor)
137 – Polar Bear Ballet (Brompton Road – Outdoor)
138 – OVO (Sloane Square – Indoor)
139 – The Egg Projection (Sloane Street – Indoor)
154 – Inception (Hyde Park – Indoor)
181 – The First Spring in Eden (Cadogan Place – Outdoor)
182 – The Prep Egg (Brompton Road – Indoor)
188 – Union Jack (Duke of York Square – Outdoor)
201 – Benedicte (Brompton Road – Outdoor)

Zone 4 (complete)
11 – La Vie en Rose (Green Park – Outdoor)
37 – Conchiglia (Green Park – Outdoor)
61 – Conundrum (Green Park – Outdoor)
87 – Gothegg (Green Park – Outdoor)
190 – ovum ferrugu (Green Park – Outdoor)
191 – Baaaaa-bara (Green Park – Outdoor)

Zone 5 (complete)
15 – Osprey (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
16 – Song Thrush (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
31 – Spring (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
32 – Our Brood (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
43 – Pretty Polly (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
71 – Crochetdermy Fox (St James’s Park – Indoor)
82 – Rainforest (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
103 – Humpty Dumpty (St James’s Park – Outdoor)
159 – The Power of Plants (St James’s Park – Outdoor)

Zone 6
14 – Ascension (Burlington Arcade – Indoor)
57 – Untitled (Burlington Arcade – Indoor)
59 – The Golden Egg (The Ritz – Outdoor)
70 – Cocoon (Jermyn Street – Outdoor)
94 – Work No. 2620 (Burlington Arcade – Indoor)
95 – Fantastic Peter Faun (Hatchards – Indoor)
100 – Don’t Break the Egg (Jermyn Street – Outdoor)
121 – Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham (Fortnum & Mason – Indoor)
122 – Great Eggspectations (Piccadilly – Outdoor)
127 – The Golden Speckled Egg (Fortnum & Mason – Indoor)
142 – Basileus (Burlington Arcade – Indoor)
198 – The Przewalski Horse Egg (Piccadilly Arcade – Indoor)
200 – All that Glisters (Not in my best interest) (Piccadilly Arcade – Indoor)
202 – The Gentleman’s Egg Trunk (Jermyn Street – Indoor)
208 – Emelius (Burlington Arcade – Indoor)

Zone 7 (complete)
5 – Around the world before bedtime… (Trafalgar Square – Outdoor)
40 – RGB+S (St Martins Lane Hotel – Outdoor)
54 – Ouroboros (Cecil Court – Outdoor)
77 – Blackberry Moon (Charing Cross Road – Outdoor)
83 – Egg Race (Chandos Place – Outdoor)
114 – Egg Hog (Charing Cross Road – Outdoor)
124 – Cuckoo (Pall Mall East – Outdoor)
128 – Our Team (Pall Mall East – Outdoor)
135 – Tree of Life (New Row – Indoor)
152 – The Obsidian Egg (Irving St – Outdoor)
167 – White on Black: Sensuality & Restraint (Trafalgar Square – Outdoor)
199 – The Legacy Egg (Strand – Outdoor)

Zone 8 (complete)
6 – S T U D (Carnaby Street – Outdoor)
48 – When I Grow Up (Tenison Court – Outdoor)
101 – My Nameless Egg (Kingly Court – Outdoor)
105 – Rock the Casbah (Fouberts Place – Outdoor)
107 – It’s What’s Inside That Counts (Great Marlborough Street – Outdoor)
113 – Sad Happy Frog Egg (Broadwick Street – Outdoor)
118 – Eddie the Egg (Hamleys – Indoor)
155 – Precious Pussies (Liberty – Indoor)
164 – MIRAI (Newburgh Street – Outdoor)
169 – Egg Letter Box (Carnaby Street – Outdoor)
171 – Embryonic Manufacture (Carnaby Street – Outdoor)
173 – Untitled (Liberty – Indoor)
179 – My Generation (Marshall Street – Outdoor)

Zone 9 (complete)
10 – wOL (King Street – Outdoor)
13 – Kingdom Crossing (James Street – Outdoor)
19 – Ornament and Abstraction Mask (Piazza – Indoor)
21 – Dinosaurs (Piazza – Outdoor)
36 – Hiranya Garbha – The Golden Egg (Piazza – Outdoor)
72 – All That Glitters (St Martins Courtyard – Outdoor)
84 – MOONBOW (Langley Court – Outdoor)
91 – On Egg Shell (Russell Street – Indoor)
92 – Gregg (Piazza – Indoor)
96 – Street Homage to Fabergé (Piazza – Indoor)
109 – Mr Egg (St Pauls Church – Outdoor)
119 – OOOOF (Piazza – Outdoor)
123 – Busby (Seven Dials – Outdoor)
134 – Sao Paulo Skyline (Long Acre – Indoor)
153 – The Early Worm Catches the Moment (Neils Yard – Outdoor)
158 – Egg and Soldier (Seven Dials – Outdoor)
165 – Baby Ganesha’s Nest (Shelton Street – Outdoor)
170 – Blooming of the Lotus Dragon Egg (Great Queen Street – Indoor)
174 – Hope (Great Queen Street – Indoor)
183 – Seasons Change (St Martins Court – Outdoor)
184 – One Eye Wide Shut (Piazza – Indoor)
192 – Pop (Piazza – Indoor)
193 – Chicken or Egg? (Piazza – Outdoor)
206 – The Mighty Moshi Egg (St James Street – Indoor)

Zone 10 (complete)
17 – The Great Eggscape (Riverside Walk – Outdoor)
25 – Amplified (National Theatre – Indoor)
26 – Sarah (Hayward Gallery – Outdoor)
27 – Samara (National Theatre – Outdoor)
42 – Invisible Egg (BFI – Indoor)
52 – Eneggmatic Egg (Southbank Centre – Outdoor)
75 – Untitled (BFI – Indoor)
81 – Scrambled Egg City (Southbank Centre – Outdoor)
102 – Dreamweaver (Southbank Centre – Outdoor)
130 – Eggsquisit London (Southbank Centre – Outdoor)
132 – Unknown (Skate Park – Outdoor)
140 – Regency Egg (Riverside Walkway – Outdoor)
143 – Hypno Egg (BFI – Indoor)
180 – Racing Green (Southbank Centre – Outdoor)
187 – KOJAK (Queen Elizabeth Hall – Outdoor)
189 – The Arden Egg (National Theatre – Indoor)

Zone 11 (complete)
12 – Citadel (Lime Street – Outdoor)
18 – Chicken Crowd (Monument – Outdoor)
22 – Anima Mundi – ‘Awakening the… (Royal Exchange – Outdoor)
46 – The Geocentric Model (Devonshire Square – Indoor)
49 – Birdie (Saint Mary’s Axe – Outdoor)
53 – Blooming Azure (Bishopsgate – Outdoor)
55 – Metropolis (Old Broad Street – Indoor)
60 – The Embryo of Human Greed (Old Broad Street – Indoor)
66 – Zero is… (Leadenhall Market – Outdoor)
68 – From little acorns mighty oaks do grow (Liverpool Street – Outdoor)
78 – Egg Cup (Liverpool Street Station – Outdoor)
108 – Phoenix (Old Broad Street – Outdoor)
112 – Bee-Egg (Devonshire Square – Outdoor)
117 – Rara Avis (Cornhill – Outdoor)
125 – Olympia Parc (Fen Court – Outdoor)
131 – The Vessel (Finsbury Avenue Square – Outdoor)
157 – Egglantine (Leadenhall Market – Indoor)
160 – Leap (Broadgate Circle – Outdoor)
178 – L’ŒUF (Bishopsgate – Outdoor)
186 – Chicken (Devonshire Square – Indoor)
204 – Chocolate Egg (Royal Exchange – Indoor)
210 – Panda – The BlackRock Asian Egg (BlackRock, Throgmorton Avenue)

Zone 12 (complete)
4 – The Golden Cosmic Egg (Cabot Square – Outdoor)
56 – Dracossoma Umbrostigma (Jubilee Place – Indoor)
69 – Love (The Park Pavillion – Outdoor)
86 – The Eight (Reuters Place – Outdoor)
116 – Algorithm (Canada Place – Indoor)
133 – It is but it isn’t (Jubilee Park – Outdoor)
156 – Phoenix (Bank Street – Outdoor)
168 – Origin (One Canada Street – Indoor)
203 – The Ridley Scott Egg (Montgomery Square – Outdoor)
205 – The Anatomy of a Building (Canada Place – Indoor)
209 – Rose Violet (Cabot Place – Indoor)

Download your own checklist in Excel format: The Big Egg Hunt
If you have a smart phone and a little know how, I suggest you upload your excel sheet to Google Docs. Then you can view and edit the sheet out in the field updating your data in real time.

Please note I take no responsibility for the download, though it’s a simple spreadsheet you are downloading and using this at your own risk. Please also note that this webpage is updated more frequently than the spreadsheet, so if I know eggs are moving, I’ll update this page.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Let the hunt begin…

February 16, 2012 22 Comments

A few years ago we had the Elephant Parade, and later this year we have the BT Artbox project, however it appears there is something else which should satisfy those with a need to hit the streets of London and take photographs of random things, especially if you’re a little bit of an obsessive compulsive like myself and wish to make sure you get all of them.

The Big Egg Hunt is set to take over from where those elephants left off, and will no doubt see several of us walk for miles on end once more to find where these varied art pieces are stored.

I hope the organisers and sponsors learnt a little something form the previous public exhibit. That is, to stop continuously moving things around, to find locations that are accessible for most times of the day and night, and especially for the sponsors to realise that hosting one of these eggs will increase the number of people from the public who will want to access your premises, and those people do want to take a photograph of it without having to be behind a window to do so.

Details are a little sketchy at the moment, other than there will be 200+ of the eggs scattered around London and it’s a world record attempt.

Articles dating back to last November indicate that those wishing to take part may need to pay a small entrance fee, and it’s also suggested that this hunt may have a little more mental power required than those elephants as there may be clues to solve to find some.

I look forward to finding out at the start of next week what the deal is, and then in getting out there and taking shots of them.

If it does turn out to be like the elephant parade, then check back for the obligatory map and continuous photographic updates that will likely be found here – unless the organisers have indeed learnt a lot from those elephants and have an adequate public tracking system in place.

Let the hunt begin…

Further details
The Big Egg Hunt – website | Twitter | Facebook
Starts on 21st February 2012 and lasts for 40 days

Tentative Dates:
Monday 20th February – eggs are installed around London
Tuesday 21st February – launch event, plus eggs are on the streets
Tuesday 20th March – egg auction – though this seems a little premature
Friday 6th – Sunday 8th April – All 200 eggs get together, somewhere
Sunday 8th April – The hunt is over, and a winner is going to be announced.

Also, I’ve now seen images of several eggs, and know a location of a few of them. I must say some of the designs are looking awesome!

Each egg will have a unique code associated to it, and this code can be texted to a special number. Texts will cost £3 for the first egg, and 25p per additional egg texted from the same number. If there are 201 eggs, and there are very likely to be more, then that’ll cost you a whopping £53 to play along.

Yes, it’s for charity, but surely an ‘entry fee’ of £25 would be more appealing to people who intend to do the whole thing?

My weekend

August 22, 2011 11 Comments

This post is part of a photocontest held by Brian Matiash over on Google+ – all images were taken over this weekend just gone.

This weekend was supposed to be a relaxed one, a nice trip to the coast, a BBQ with a few beers, a nice walk down the beach and a little ramble over the cliffs – relaxing right? Well…not quite.

Friday I left work early, jumped on a train and headed to the coast. The BBQ started not long afterwards, and that went well. The alcohol was flowing, the beer and food was pretty darn good, and the night was clear of clouds and full of stars.

Wait a minute…I’m from London! I never see stars! All I ever see is the orange glow of the city…I need to get me some of that captured in a photo.

Fellow partygoers don’t see this as the same opportunity as I do…
“It’s too late…”
Photography knows not what time it is!
“It’s too cold…”
I have a warm heart…and a hoodie!
“It’s too dark…”
I have a torch…oooh, shiny.
“You’re drunk….”
No…you’re a skunk! Wait…what?

I won the arguments and headed off up a very steep hill to a nearby church. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at ‘star trails’. I had seen awesome ones recently, most notaby from Jacob Lucas and thought I would easily get this on such a clear night.


I composed in the dark and took a few failed shots, but then I had the brilliant idea of bumping up the ISO and shooting for a just a few minutes in one shot so that I could see if I was indeed composed and if the stars were indeed moving at all.

Then I went for an 8 minute exposure.

Dum dee dum…wait a bit…a bit more…done. Hmm…a bit dark, and not much movement…but I see the potential. Let’s stick it on for 30 minutes.

And so I wait a bit more. I get bored. I take a seat on a nearby mound. A few minute later I lean against a wall…well, not a wall…what is it. I use my phone to light it up and realise that it’s a gravestone…of course – the church has it’s own graveyard. So…um…this mound of soil I’m sat on? Yeah…that’s a freshly laid grave. Sorry to whoever it was that I sat on.

Hmm…only 9 minutes gone? Well…this will be a doozy by the time it’s done.

Eons pass…and I get my shot…and…and…well, it’s a little too cold and it seems that the camera was fogged up – plus there are stuck pixels everyewhere.

Here are my attempts:

Attempt 1 – a bit dark:

Attempt 2 – yeah…no shades required just yet:

Attempt 3 – 6400 ISO…at least I can check the composition now:

Attempt 4 – 8 minute exposure, not long enough yet but getting excited!

Attempt 5 – welcome to stuckpixelville – it’s a little cold here also:


It’s now past 1am, time to get a taxi back to the hotel.


The next day I get up around 4.30 and head down the beach for the sunrise. It’s not the most special one, but as it’s very rare that I actually see a sunrise it’s still nice enough for me. I expected to be alone, so though it was nice to meet another photographer I kindof wish I had showered or something before rushing out of the hotel.

The birds timed it perfectly to get in my way…

Here’s a few of them enjoying the leftovers from the night before:

Finally, a decent shot:

ooh, and the pier all golden like…

A few hours later and I head back to the hotel for a few more hours sleep.

Later that morning and I’m going around the hotel knocking on the doors and ringing the phones of 6 other people in my party trying to get them up and checked out of the hotel. Late night shooting of stars, even though unsuccessful, seemed to be the sensible idea as they had all gone clubbing and were feeling very much worse for wear this morning. They all opted to jump on the first train home to London instead of go on the planned walk over the cliffs…but not I. I am fearless, and intrepid…and so I opt to do the walk myself.

A few years ago I did the same walk, but didn’t have suncream on me so was severely sunburnt. You may imagine a comedy red face and the cries of ‘lobster boy’ as I walked down the street, but in reality it was much worse. I was so burnt my face was covered in burn blisters. Well, except for the white stripes and eye patches that my shades had concealed. I spent a week speaking to no-one. I went to work, and straight home – head down, face covered by a baseball cap, using self service checkouts so I didn’t need to speak with someone and applying a burn cream facemask each night – for a whole week. Anyway…I digress. This time I was not going to be as foolish. This old dog learns from his mistakes. I bought a bottle of suncream lotion, applied a lot of it, and made my way over the cliffs.

Gosh I’m unfit.

A three and a half hour trip over these cliffs and I’m having a great time and taking plenty of photos. Unfortunately I’m also panting heavily, and sweating buckets. I fear the suncream may be washed off and the dreaded burning will come back to haunt me.

I’ve gained a bit more courage over the past few years. What I haven’t gained in courage I’ve gained in stupidity. Standing on the edges of buildings and climbing cranes on various urbex trips has seen to that. In short I was like a mountain goat and happily standing on the precarious edges of the cliff trying to get a few decent shots off. These cliffs are the number 3 suicide hotspot in the world…though I wonder how many of those are actually just idiots like me trying to get a better view of the place.

I have no fear…this is as far away as I could get from the camera due to the drop behind me:

This man has fear…he is miles away from the edge!

This lady has no fear…she laughs in it’s face and says ‘I’m going to have a nap now’…

(note: I should have asked her for a date but the aforementioned sweat and panting meant I shouldn’t approach women…especially those at the edge of a cliff)
(also note to self; if I ever do meet someone in a similar location, remember to pretend your name is Cliff…oh how she will laugh at such a funny joke)

Anyway, a looong trek later and I arrive alive and well at a friends cottage…though the man from the deli who had seen me arrive later enquired with concern as to the health of the hot and melty looking chap with the camera.

A cold drink and a cold shower later and my core body temperature was reduced to molten – all was good.

Before long I was back on the train to London, and cancelling my plans for that night so that I could crash (and also because a new series of The X-Factor was starting).

The next day I lounged around with a well deserved rest before heading out for the photowalk I had missed the night before. We had plans to get a few shots, eat something and then shoot the sunset. Unfortunately we also went to a bar and the food took about an hour to arrive; we stepped outside to find that the sun had already set and we had missed what I’m sure was an epic sunset. Someone had tweeted about how amazing it was, so I know it was a good one. All I got was this really bad image from inside the pub while I was bored waiting:

I then did a little bit of planking and a few other shots which turned out alright.

My final shot of the night was my creative one. As we walked down the south bank I saw a huge set of furniture sitting there, it was pretty odd, but I used it as a perfect photo opportunity and as a way to do something a little creative:

(note – this image would have been much easier to do with Perfect Layers by OnOneSoftware!)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.