The BFG Dream Jars

July 7, 2016 Leave a Comment

Another day, another sculpture trail. After a long weekend walking around the streets of Dundee for the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, we see the BFG Dream Jar Trail on the streets of London – and now, it seems, a few other UK locations, from Saturday 9th July. This in a year where we also have Rhinos in Exeter and Elephants in Sheffield – and probably a few others I haven’t looked at yet. I was thinking earlier this year that I may miss doing one of these…and now they all seem to be coming out at once.

Anyway, this BFG trail sees 50 jars hitting various locations in London for the most part, with a handful in various other UK locations – the furthest afield being Glasgow. As usual, I intend on working my way around them – certainly the London ones, but as I’m a bit of an obsessive completest I may need to go to the others as well…we’ll see how much I enjoy the London ones before I book train tickets.

I think these ones will be pretty hard to photograph as they are seemingly glass jars which means a very reflective and oddly shaped surface, but I’ll do my best and will upload images of them as and when I get them.

Release wise, there’s now a map which doesn’t make everything the clearest. The blurb states that 34 will be out from the 9th July, and the remaining 16 will follow on the 22nd. However the official map indicates 17 from 22nd, one which has both blue and gold colours, and also 3 ‘starred’ icons with no indication what the star means. They seem to all be in Harrod’s, so perhaps that’s a thing.

There are also a few mini trails shown on the website, but this doesn’t seem to cover all jars at this time, and a few are in locations outside of the trails.

Therefore, I’ve ignored trails for the purposes of my own Google Map (other than a mention in the comments) and will update this map with locations, images and potentially other information as I work my way around it.

See below for a list of the dream jars and their locations. I’ll link to images once I take and process them. You can view a large version of the map here – BFG Dream Jars Google Map

1 – Jamaican Roots by Levi Roots (Notting Hill Gate from 09 July 2016)
2 – Sisterhood by Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne (Pelham St from 09 July 2016)
3 – Dream On by Henry Holland (Duke of York Square from 09 July 2016)
4 – Monkey Business by Graham Norton (Harrods from Unspecified date)
5 – Dreamy Dreaming Dreams Dog by Robert Bradford (Harrods from Unspecified date)
6 – Dreams are as Precious as Gold by Harrods (Harrods from Unspecified date)
7 – The Amethyst Owl by Sabine Roemer (Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park from 09 July 2016)
8 – Reach for the Stars by Sir Richard Branson (Marble Arch from 09 July 2016)
9 – Never-ending Christmas by Tom Fletcher (Marylebone Station from 22 July 2016)
10 – We All Dream of Ice Cream by Erin O’Connor (South Molton Street from 09 July 2016)
11 – Happy Jumble of Life by Sophie Dahl (New Bond Street from 09 July 2016)
12 – Enchanted Forest by Naomi Campbell (Regent St / Princes Street from 22 July 2016)
13 – A Dreamy Dancer’s Dream by Karen Elson (Carnaby Street from 22 July 2016)
14 – Dream of England by Dame Helen Mirren MBE (Golden Square from 09 July 2016)
15 – On The Wings of a Dream by Aston Martin / Red Bull Racing (Wellington Arch from 09 July 2016)
16 – Innocence by HRH The Countess of Wessex (The Queen’s Gallery from 22 July 2016)
17 – Mayor of Dreamland by Cllr. Robert Davis MBE DL (Broadway/Christchurch from 09 July 2016)
18 – The Merry Go Round by Mark Rylance (Parliament Square from 09 July 2016)
19 – Read by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall (St James’s Park from 09 July 2016)
20 – Believe in Extraordinary by Team GB (Trafalgar Square from 22 July 2016)
21 – Sweet Dreams by Steven Spielberg (Leicester Square from 09 July 2016)
22 – Once Upon a Dream by Angelababy (Chinatown from 22 July 2016)
23 – Theatre of Dreams by Tim Minchin (Neal Street from 09 July 2016)
24 – Dream Big by Romero Britto (Russell Street from 09 July 2016)
25 – The Eternal Dreamer by Hayden Kays (Victoria Embankment Gardens from 22 July 2016)
26 – I Dreamt I Could Fly by Quentin Blake (House of Illustration, King’s Cross from 09 July 2016)
27 – Penny for Your Thoughts by Jane Morgan (Guildhall Yard from 09 July 2016)
28 – The Diamond Garden by Hatton Garden (Hatton Garden from 22 July 2016)
29 – Home Is Where the Heart Is by Dominic West (St Paul’s Cathedral from 09 July 2016)
30 – I Dream of the Universe by Professor Stephen Hawking (St Paul’s Cathedral Visitor Centre from 09 July 2016)
31 – A Whale’s Tale by Maisie Williams (Museum of London from 09 July 2016)
32 – Creativity Takes Flight by Geraldine van Heemstra (Barbican Centre Children’s Library from 22 July 2016)
33 – Golden Phizzgunner Dreams by Arsenal Football Club (Emirates Stadium from 22 July 2016)
34 – Totem Pole by Nadiya Hussain (Broadgate Circle from 09 July 2016)
35 – The Heart Takes Over by David Weir CBE (Royal Exchange from 09 July 2016)
36 – A Stitch in Time Saves Nine by Jenny Packham (The Monument from 22 July 2016)
37 – Ship of Dreams by Sir Ben Ainslie (Old Billingsgate Riverside from 09 July 2016)
38 – For the Love of Animals by Simon Cowell (Tower of London from 22 July 2016)
39 – City of Dreams by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (Tower Bridge from 22 July 2016)
40 – For the Love of the Hedgehog by Zoella (More London from 09 July 2016)
41 – The Open Dream by Justin Rose (The Scoop near City Hall from 09 July 2016)
42 – Healthy Start, Happier Lives by RB (London Bridge Pier from 22 July 2016)
43 – Up, Up and Away by Niall Horan (The View from The Shard from 09 July 2016)
44 – Safe by Ryan McElhinney (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre from 22 July 2016)
45 – Tree of Dreams by Jill Berelowitz (Bankside outside Tate Modern from 09 July 2016)
46 – Explore. Dream. Discover by Buzz Aldrin (Greenwich Planetarium from 09 July 2016)
47 – The Dream by Laura Mvula (Birmingham Library, Birmingham from 22 July 2016)
48 – Field of Dreams by Sam Warburton (The Hayes, Cardiff from 22 July 2016)
49 – This is Where All Dreams is Beginning by Ruby Barnhill (The Lowry Plaza, Manchester from 09 July 2016)
50 – The Endless Carnival by Caio Locke (Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow from 09 July 2016)

Key (replicating that on the official map)
Blue – released from 09 July 2016
Gold – released from 22 July 2016
Red star – Not sure, these are all in Harrods, so maybe special in some way.