Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

June 26, 2016 Leave a Comment

There are a few public sculpture art exhibits this year, but the first I’m attending is the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail up in Dundee. Around the same size as the Shaun the Sheep exhibit on the streets of London last year, this one sees 55 statues of Oor Wullie placed around the city of Dundee.

I remember reading Oor Wullie as a kid growing up in the North of Scotland. Along with ‘The Broons’ it was a regular read for me in both the newspaper and as an annual comic so I’m quite pleased that it has been chosen for this trail.

This one is run as a collaboration between The ARCHIE Foundation, DC Thomson and Wild in Art (who do a lot of these so it should be well organised); the official website can be found here: Oor Wullie Bucket Trail; it will run on the streets of Dundee from 27th June to 27th August 2016.

I wandered around Dundee over a long weekend taking images of them all. This was mostly done by walking, with a few bus trips to get the ones which were far away from the city centre…but the trail will be a bit easier if you are in a car. Cycling is also feasible, but Dundee has a lot of hills so not sure I would do that myself.

Oor Wullie Statues
Here are the 55 statues; I’ll add image links to them next week as I take images of them, or you can view them all here as part of my StellerStories

1 – Oor Golfer (Carnoustie Golf Links)
2 – Dun Deagh and the 5 Glens (Dundee Law) Selfie Bucket
3 – Whars Wullie? (Dudhope Park)
4 – Sweet Shop (The Hilltown Clock)
5 – Women of the World (The Dundee Weaver Lochee High Street)
6 – Tangerine Terror (Wellgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
7 – Oor Bobby (Overgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
8 – Wullie’s Cheeky Tales (Overgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie Selfie Bucket
9 – Biscuit Break (The McManus: Art Gallery and Museum) Indoor Wullie
10 – Dundee Past & Present (Seabraes)
11 – Amor Lucis  (Slessor Square)
12 – The Adventure of Discovery Never Ends (Slessor Square)
13 – Iron Boy (Stobsmuir “Swannie” Ponds)
14 – Oor Mechanic (City Churches)
15 – Oor Ideas (City Square) Selfie Bucket
16 – Oor JOLOMO (Apex Hotel ‘Duck Hill’)
17 – ‘Oor Rabbie’. The Bard and The Bucket (HM Frigate Unicorn)
18 – Oor Original (City Quay Diving Bell) Selfie Bucket
19 – Glow (City Quay D&ACC)
20 – Oor Lemming (Abertay University Library)
21 – Whar Ji Cum Fi? (The Howff)
22 – Oor Wheelie (Dundee Museum of Transport)
23 – Thick Cut (West Port, The Globe)
24 – Oor Ink (Underneath Dundee Road Bridge)
25 – Discovery Bridge (Marine parade Walk / Chandlers Lane)
26 – High School Wullie (High School of Dundee)
27 – You’re a Wizard Wullie (Morgan Academy)
28 – Woodland Wullie (Camperdown Wildlife Park)
29 – Discovery (Camperdown House) Selfie Bucket
30 – Yarnbombed (Ardler Complex / Community Library)
31 – Dreamland (Barnhill Rock Garden)
32 – Rain Song (Broughty Castle Museum)
33 – Oor Lifesaver (Broughty Ferry Slippy )
34 – Oor Wullie Noo (Douglas Parade, Broughty Ferry)
35 – Oor Bonnie Land (Evening Telegraph Competition) (Dawson Park)
36 – Wullymorph (Brook St, Broughty Ferry)
37 – Wullie the Mennace (Bash Street)
38 – Oor Bowie! Your Bowie! A’body’s Bowie! (Dundee Rail Bridge) Selfie Bucket
39 – Oor Wai ‘o’ Spikin’ (Discovery Point) Selfie Bucket
40 – Oor Lillies (Dundee University Botanic Gardens)
41 – From Oor Roots Up (Magdalen Green Bandstand) Selfie Bucket
42 – Fried Eggs for Breakfast (Dundee Contemporary Arts) Indoor Wullie (as you need to go through the DCA)
43 – Astro Wullie (Dundee Science Centre) Indoor Wullie Selfie Bucket
44 – Silicon (Mills Observatory)
45 – Hewn Oot the Rocks O’Dundee (Dundee Airport) Selfie Bucket
46 – Oor Artifacts (Tay Square (The Rep))
47 – Jute, Jam & Journalism (Verdant Works)
48 – The Dreamer (Welcome Trust Complex)
49 – When Wullie met Dr Manhattan (University of Dundee, Tower Building)
50 – Little Hands (Baxter Park)
51 – A Pocketfu’ O’Pieces (Wellgate Shopping Centre) Indoor Wullie
52 – Disco Wullie (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
53 – Oor Dreamcatcher (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
54 – Hallyrackit (Oor Wullie HQ, Overgate) Indoor Wullie
55 – Tartan Wullie (Dundee Railway Station)

Red icons = an Outdoor Wullie
Blue icons = an Indoor Wullie; check the notes for opening times.

If you want to see a large scale version of the map where you can save it to your smart phone, please visit: Oor Wullie Bucket Trail – Google Map