Lumiere London – January 2016

January 5, 2016 Leave a Comment

From the 14th – 17th January 2016, there will be 30 light installations around 4 areas of London.

Lumiere London will light up our cold, dark evenings and give us something awesome to look at, such as giant illuminated fish and plants, window displays of LED dogs and fibre-optic dresses, and even an animated elephant.

You can find full details on the Lumiere Festival website at or the Visit London website at, however I didn’t really like the map options available and couldn’t find the exhibition on their iPhone app, so I went ahead and created my own Google Map showing where the 30 installations are likely to be found.

Map locations were taken from the website so may not be fully accurate at this stage, I’ll amend them if and when I go around myself on the 14th/15th.

Note that sunset for this time period is due to be around 4:30pm so it should be nice and dark by the time the lights are switched on.

Here’s a full list of the 30 installations as well as an embedded map. To view the full map visit ‘Lumiere London Google Map‘.

Piccadilly, Regent St & St James’s
1 Garden of Light by TILT (Giant illuminated plants)
2 Les Luminéoles by Porté par le vent (Giant illuminated fish)
3 Elephantastic by Catherine Garret / Top’là Design (Animated projection of an elephant)
4 Shaida Walking. 2015 by Julian Opie (Animated artwork of pedestrians)
5 Keyframes by Groupe LAPS (LED stick men)
6 1.8 London by Janet Echelman / Studio Echelman (Illuminated net sculpture)
7 195 Piccadilly by NOVAK (Animation)
8 I Haven’t Changed My Mind in a Thousand Years by Beth J Ross (Neon signs)
9 Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) by Cédric Le Borgne (Multiple illuminated humans)

Trafalgar Square, Westminster
10 Plastic Islands by Luzinterruptus (Glowing rubbish within the fountains)
11 Centre Point Lights by N/A (Iconic lights usually found on Centre point tower)
12 Neon Dogs by Deepa Mann-Kler (Window display of neon dog balloon animals)
13 The Light of The Spirit by Patrice Warrener (Multicoloured martyrs, stained glass window style)

14 Sanctuary by Sarah Blood (Neon birdhouses, with sound)
15 Dissect I and Dissect II by Sarah Blood (Neon sculptures)
16 Spinning Night in Living Colour by Elaine Buckholtz (Moving line painting representing Van Gogh’s painting All Night Café, with sound)
17 Brothers & Sisters by Ron Haselden (Sketches turned into neon sculptures)
18 Lightbenches by Bernd Spiecker for LBO LichtBankObjekte (Park benches that have been illuminated)
19 Aquarium by Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille (Red telephone box repurposed as an aquarium)

King’s Cross
20 Platonic Spin by Nathaniel Rackowe (Illuminated rectangles)
21 IFO (Identified Flying Object) by Jacques Rival (Giant illuminated birdcage)
22 Joining the Dots by Cleary Connolly (Video installation)
23 King’s Cross Tunnel by Allies & Morrison (LED tunnel)
24 Dresses by Tae gon KIM (Fibre-optic LED dresses)
25 Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures (Interactive light graffiti)
26 binaryWaves by LAB[au] (Light and sound displayed influenced by nearby mobile phones, radios and cars)
27 Circus of Light by Ocubo (Circus projection)
28 Litre of Light by Mick Stephenson, Central Saint Martins, UAL, MyShelter Foundation (Water bottle light display)
29 Spectra-3 by (Interactive light sculpture)
30 Diver by Ron Haselden (Neon diver plunging into water)

Lumiere London on Google Maps

Note that the Google map linked above seemes to work well on the iPhone should you need it while wandering around London.
Lumiere London map on iPhone