Shaun in the City

April 6, 2015 24 Comments

There are currently 50 statues of Shaun the Sheep loitering around London in a similar manner to the Elephant Parade and Big Egg Hunt (and a few others that have happened in the past year or two). On display for just over a week as of writing this, they are here until the 31st May (now extended from the 25th)…shortly after which another 70 will be popping up in Bristol.

Check out the official Shaun in the City website for full details…otherwise a list of all of the Shauns, along with links to images I’ve taken, as well as my own Google map are below.

Using the App?
There is a pretty good app available from the official site; the GPS options didn’t work for me and always seemed to think I was in France, but it functions quite well otherwise and is a great thing for kids to use while on the trail. You can claim the sheep as you go around the trail using unlock codes and it keeps a tally of those you have visited, as well as giving trophies out.

The unlock codes can be found on the base of each statue. If you find a statue where the base has lost the unlock code, or if you simply forgot to check-in, then you can find the unlock codes for each Shaun on the map. Simply click on the statue you are missing to view details and you will find the 4 digit code to enter into the app.

Walking Trails
These statues are split into trails, and though I don’t agree with the timings specified to travel around them – especially with public transport and a desire to take images without people – this is certainly a relaxed set to go out and grab; easily completable within a day if you get all of the indoor locations while they are open.

Without further ado, here are the 50 that are in London – brackets show location in easy form – a map can be found at the end of the list with precise(ish) locations that I found them in.

Shaun’s Trail
1 Baa-Bushka (Carnaby Street, North side)
2 Rule Britannia (Carnaby Street, Middle, East)
3 Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom (inside Hamley’s toy store, Ground floor)
4 Ram Of The Match (Regent Street, Middle, East)
5 Monsters! (inside Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, left side)
6 The Gruffalo Shaun (Haymarket, North side)
7 Jingtai (Newport Place)
8 Woolly Jumbo (Leicester Square park, South side)
9 Mossy Bottom (Leicester Square park, South side)
10 Nelson (Trafalgar Square, South side of Nelson’s Column)
11 Me Llamo Shaune (North-East side of The Mall, left of Admiralty Arch)

Timmy’s Trail
12 Ewe-Nion Jack (London Eye, part way down the path opposite)
13 Frida Baa-Hlo (inside the BFI, Side entrance at the top of stairs)
14 Pinky Plum (Riverside Terrace at Somerset House, North of Waterloo Bridge)
15 Candy Baa (Covent Garden Piazza, East side)
16 Another One Rides The Bus (Covent Garden Piazza, West side)
17 Flash! (St Martin’s Courtyard – through the passage beside Jamie’s Italian)
18 Paradise Bunch (Neal Street, South side)

Shirley’s Trail
19 Br-Ewe-Nel (Tate Modern, by the river)
20 To Sheep Perchance To Dream (Globe Theatre, by the river)
21 Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion (Opposite St Paul’s, South side)
22 Out Of This World (Outside tourist information, West of the last sheep)
23 Baa-Roque (West side of St Paul’s)
24 Literary Lamb (North side of St Paul’s, entrance to Paternoster Square)
25 Hamish (Paternoster Square)
26 Chelsea Pen-Shaun-Er (South-East of St Paul’s)
27 A Capital View (East of St Paul’s)
28 Fine & Gandy (West entrance to One New Change)
29 Woolly Wiggle (Down the escalators from the last sheep)
30 The Guardian (South-West entrance of Guildhall)
31 Counting Sheep (inside Barbican, Silk Street entrance)

Bitzer’s Trail
32 Rainbow (Inside entrance to the View from the Shard; upstairs on the right)
33 Mittens (Just off the riverfront between HMS Belfast and More London)
34 Lenny (More London, top side of The Scoop)
35 Petal (More London, riverside of The Scoop)
36 Globetrotters (on Tower Bridge, West side)
37 Yeoman Of The Baaard (West side of Tower of London)
38 Shaun-Xiao (West side of Tower of London)
39 Liberty Bell (West side of Fenchurch St Station)
40 Kanzashi (East side of Lloyds of London)
41 Shanghai Shaun (North side of Leadenhall Market)
42 Robo-Shaun (Bank, West of the Royal Exchange)
43 Ruffles (inside Devonshire Square, New St entrance)
44 The Pearly King (inside Liverpool St Station, by Platform 1)
45 Mr. Shaun (North side of Finsbury Avenue Square (not Finsbury Square itself))

The Farmer’s Lost Sheep
46 Lambmark Larry (inside Paddington Station, platforms 8 & 9)
47 Paddington Shaun (North bank of Paddington Basin)
48 Happy & Glorious (Buckingham Palace side of St James’s Park)
49 Golden Fleece (Jubilee Park in Canary Wharf, Outside Jubilee Place entrance)
50 Hello Kitty’s #ONEKINDTHING (from last sheep, go inside, down escalators to food court, and then down escalators again (diagonally opposite Starbucks), then do a Ewe-turn)

Just want to browse the photos? Visit my Sean the Sheep gallery to flick through them.

Google map of the Shaun in the City locations; embedded version below:

In other news I managed do get through this whole post with only one sheep pun.