BT Artbox Project

June 18, 2012 33 Comments

The BT Artbox Project is now live!

See what I did there?

So, the search is on and it looks like there may be 84 telephone boxes to find in total, though information for boxes #s 66 and 76 are currently missing, with the elusive details for box #79 popping up overnight.

The official map can be found here, but it’s not the best from my initial scout with boxes appearing in slightly different locations, plus I’m not sure if all of the boxes are out on Day 1. I have a busy week, plus a trip to Prague planned, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to grab all of these or get a map up – but here are spreadsheets in case you want them:

Here’s a downloadable spreadsheet to act as a checklist: Download spreadsheet
Here’s a Google maps spreadsheet that the community can add notes to: Google Spreadsheet

I’ll likely update this page with information in due course, as well as linking to all of the images I take on my Flickr stream.

Good luck out there 🙂

BT Artbox Project – coming soon

June 5, 2012 24 Comments

BT Artbox Project

Those who followed this blog during the Faberge Egg Hunt earlier this year (and likewise those who arrived a few years ago and helped look for elephants in the parade) will be pleased to know that we’re just two weeks away from the BT Artbox Project hitting the streets of London.

In support of Childline and sponsored, as the name suggests, by BT, this initiative will see the streets of London covered with replicas of the iconic telephone boxes designed by Giles Gilbert Scott; these fibreglass replicas will vary in their appearance and created by many different artists as the eggs, elephants and cows before them were.

Though the initial press release many months ago suggested that this would be the ‘largest public art exhibit’ to take place in London the design list currently shown on the website would suggest otherwise. Of course there is time for more to be added to the list, but it currently stands on around 81 boxes submitted. If they wish to beat the elephant parade they would certainly need over 3 times that amount to hit the streets.

Either way, I’m prepared to head out there and capture them all as usual – so check back here for the usual guide and map in due course.

Like the elephants there are a few potential issues to be faced. Sure, we’ll likely have to overcome the usual hostile shop assistants and security guards who want to have these in store, and drive traffic through their doors, but will then refuse you the option to photograph them; however I also note that the plinth these sit on mean that people are able to use them as both seats and trash cans. Added to this the likelihood that some will be damaged by some idiot I suggest you get out there and find them sooner rather than later.

Though the project doesn’t start until the 18th June there are 6 on display right now in celebration of the Jubilee. ‘Long Live Love Life’ is the design of Ryan Callanan and are at various spots around the capital, no new spots for those who did the elephants. All 6 are designed the same so only the location is new for each, and the ones at St Pancras International Station and Covent Garden are the most annoying by way of traffic, the former being very much used as a seat and a rubbish bin the two times I checked it out today.