Cako Martin & ‘Colourful Hope’

May 30, 2010

On 22nd May 2010 The Elephant Parade held a ‘meet the artist’ day so that members of the public could speak with the artists behind some of the beautiful designs currently on display in the streets and parks of London.

Unfortunately I had to travel that day and was unable to meet up with any of the artists so I spoke with Cako Martin, the Brazilian artist behind ‘Colourful Hope‘ which is number 75 in the display.

Cako Martin, Colourful Hope

The Elephant Parade is a great cause, how did you first hear about the project? Were you approached to take part, or did you nominate yourself?
They approached me via the internet. We talked about it a long time ago before the parade and the guys invited me. I’m so happy to be a part of team.

Cako, can you tell us a little bit about the process of creating Colourful Hope…such as what techniques did you use and how long did the process take in total?
Colourful Hope is a parent of Cowlorida Voadora (My cow in CowParade 2010 Brazil) that i started to draw in my computer and reproduced on the elephant. I studied the body of baby elephant and started to compose the drawing. The creation took 6 days (around 35 hours) to complete.

Where do you live and do your work?
I’m an art director/illustrator living in Brazil ( im half brazilian/half spanish) working at Young & Rubicam in Brazil.

The Elephant Parade will have an audience of an estimated 25 million people, what message are you attempting to convey in the design of Colourful Hope?
I think that we need to share and help more. Events like Elephant Parade can help to share beautiful stuff with the best artists but the best thing for me is that I can help in the cause to protect our asian elephants. It’s amazing to share my art on the streets outside my country, I just arrived in London to paint this elephant and it was so nice but I’m really happy to help a cause and I tried to call the attention of everybody on the streets with something colorful, cute and beautiful.

Colourful Hope stands outside Harrod’s, perhaps the most prestigious store in London, and is certainly the brightest object in a rather dismal looking road. Did you have any say in where your creation would be displayed? If you could choose anywhere in London to display your work…where would it be?
I am so happy to be in front of Harrods, but I don’t know who chose to put my baby there. I’m so glad she is there though.

You recently participated in the Cow Parade – was the creation of Colourful Hope easier than Cowlorida Voadora? What did you learn from the Cow Parade that you could use in the Elephant Parade?
I’m an art director, and I have in parallel other stuff that exhibitions with my art. It’s so awesome; I love to paint, but to do something like these parades is more than any exhibition. It’s so cool to see people around my art, take photos….I love to see the faces of guys lookin’ at my baby. Lol….its so funny.

Colourful Hope, along with the other elephants on display, will be auctioned at the end of the exhibition. Where would you like to see your creation find a home?
Harrods can buy my baby isnt it? Lol….
I dont think about it…I wanna see my baby in a place that has people lovin’ it.

I see you work in several different mediums, be it pieces such as Colourful Hope, print or fashion. Which medium is your favourite, and where do you feel your art is going?
I love my art. I’m doing different stuff all at the same time right now and enjoy it all. I’m trying to expand more and more.

What other projects are you currently working on, or will be working on in the near future?
I’m in a creative process now, nothing concrete to say; I will love to do something in the Asia region next.

What inspires you, and which artists do you admire?
I use daily references like fashion, architecture, design,…
AnOther Mag (by Dazed and Confused Group) in LOVES section a thousand of references daily…i’ve tried to use it. (http://www.anothermag.com/loves)
I love Andy Warhol, Dalek and Kaws.

Further information:

  • Colourful Hope is on display outside Harrod’s on Hans Crescent until the end of June 2010 and is sponsored by Mr Bruno Wang.
  • If you want to purchase this elephant you can bid on Colourful Hope until 4th July 2010
  • Visit the artist’s website at www.cakomartin.com

75. Colourful Hope


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    Karl said that you were doing this. This is quite the feat. Well done! xx

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    Thank you tenderhooligan – it took some time to do, but was very enjoyable.

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