The Elephant Parade

May 6, 2010

UPDATE: The elephants have now been moved.
Outdoor elephants are viewable at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Monday 28th June between the hours of 10am and 7pm.

Several indoor elephants are viewable at Westfield during regular opening hours between now and 30th June.

Gerald is viewable at China Whites during selective hours between now and 30th June.

The Emerald Queen is no longer viewable as she was sold in a private auction.

Happy Herds

Today my journey started.

I first heard last year that an Elephant Parade was coming to London. I remember the Cow Parade of a few years ago but was neither living in central London nor had a digital camera so looking at those consisted of just happening upon them by chance rather than by design.

A few years later and I am armed with a conveniently located flat which allows me to wander the city at night without getting home at stupid o’clock, a digital SLR and a curious desire to go out and photograph these wonderful designs throughout London.

They seemed to have landed yesterday, and today I started the process of finding them and shooting them, one by one.

It’s kind of like a one man safari, but the shooting is obviously with a camera and not an elephant gun.

I’ll be posting images of them up on Flickr as I go along, and may end up buying a mini replica once I’m done. I’ll no doubt do a top 5 or top 10 of my favourite designs also.

Hopefully I’ll get through all 258 of them before they are extinct; and I guess I should head down to Brixton quite soon before that poor one get’s vandalised or stolen or something.

View the Elephant Parade on Flickr
View the Elephant Parade Map (see below for embedded version)

The Elephant Parade runs from May to June 20th on the streets of London. 238 elephants should then be viewable on the 25th, 26th and 28th of June in one group at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The following elephants are currently indoors, but should be located to the RHC at that time: 4. Strawberry, 7. Tree of Love, 87. The Happy End of Nature, 107. Cartier, 111. Mother Nature, 115. Eco The Elephant & 159. Mason

The following elephants are currently at Westfield…
56 – love ellie
97 – Saffron
172 – Luna
224 – Eli

On 21st June they will be joined by the following elephants for viewing in the Westfield atrium until 30th June:
50 – Heaven’s Haathi
84 – Matilda
113 – Monopoly Community Chest
114 – Zambi
120 – The Singing Butler Rides Again
133 – Manasuna
165 – Untitled
184 – The Human Disease
198 – Mammoth Metaphor
217 – The Spirit of India
226 – Pearly Prince
244 – Jewel-ele
249 – Spooning Sunday
258 – Ziggy

135. Gerald – he will remain at China Whites until 30th June.
216. The Emerald Queen will not be on display as she will have been sold by then at a private event at Selfridges on the 23rd June.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Grab the Elephant Parade application
www.livespot.com.au have released an application which runs on the iPhone or Android and incorporates Augmented Reality technology that allows users to simply hold up their phone and view all elephants in the area – the technology makes use of the phone’s camera and onboard GPS to orientate and locate elephants within a set vicinity. Users can choose to have results displayed across augmented reality, map view or list view. Going beyond the business of spotting elephants, they have incorporated interactive functions that allow users to sign the petition and share a link to the application on Twitter and Facebook.

In central London the application is available through the Augmented Reality browser Layar or browsing to http://m.layar.com/open/elephantparade from your iPhone or Android.

(For me, I just downloaded the Layar app onto my iPhone and searched for ‘elephant parade’ within the app)


Elephants where their location is shown in blue below are moving to Leicester Square on Friday 18th June and will remain there for the weekend.

Elephant check-list: (I’ve now snapped all 258 elephants)
1. Spotty (Green Park)
2. Radja (Market Place)
3. Union Jack (Orange Square)
4. Strawberry (The Hempel Hotel)
5. Piquant (Greenwich Central Market)
6. Forever Birds (St Mowdens Shopping Centre)
7. Tree of Love (National Geographic; Regent St)
8. Ampersand (Hyde Park Corner)
9. Simply Gold (More London)
10. Pink Elephant (Covent Garden Piazza)
11. Simply Silver (Green Park)
12. Polka Dot (More London)
13. Doors (Duke of York Square)
14. Daisies (Notting Hill Gate Hilton Hotel, Park Lane)
15. Mr Stripe (Foubert’s Place/Newburgh St)
16. Mrs Stripe (Marble Arch)
17. Gaj Mani (Green Park)
18. Panda (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner)
19. Blitz (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
20. Vroom (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
21. Dart (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
22. Bolt (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner)
23. Dash (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner)
24. Whizz (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner)
25. I Miss The Forest (Green Park)
26. Spike (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
27. Chinesephant (Baker Street)
28. Cha-Chang (More London)
29. Blue Macaw (Green Park)
30. Vorsprung (Piccadilly)
31. The Swan (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
32. Little Bird (Mount Street)
33. Ganesh (India Place)
34. Little Moo (Cavendish Square)
35. Bouquet (Paddington Street Gardens)
36. Chestnut (The Hempel Hotel)
37. Woodland (Cavendish Square)
38. Old Map of London (Orange Square)
39. Ladybird (Hyde Park, Dell Garden)
40. Simply Yellow (More London)
41. Travels On My Elephant (Notting Hill Gate)
42. Lahu Girl (St. James’s Park)
43. Sherlock Holmes (Baker Street)
44. Fish & Chips (Green Park)
45. New Map of London (More London)
46. Bobby (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner)
47. Tea Roses (More London)
48. Decors (More London)
49. Ferrous (The Royal Opera House)
50. Heaven’s Haathi (Selfridges)
51. Oran (You Stole My Heart) (Notting Hill Gate)
52. Clair le Lune (Greenwich Visitors Centre)
53. Nana (Curzon Street)
54. Eli Krishma (20 Mount Street)
55. Cubelephant (More London)
56. love ellie (Westfield)
57. HELP! (Royal Hospital Chelsea)
58. Sunny (Covent Garden Piazza)
59. The Elephant In The Room (Duke of York Square)
60. Map Elephant (6 Devonshire Square)
61. Shaant Haathi (Queens Walk: Royal Festival Hall)
62. Gaia Elephant (Kings Road)
63. In Your Trunk (Turn The Base Up) (Green Park)
64. Patron (St James’ Street)
65. Burma (Holland Park Avenue)
66. Phoolan (Natural History Museum)
67. Elephant Chic (St Christopher’s Place)
68. Taxi Elephant (The Royal Exchange)
69. The Clonakilty Irish Elephant (Covent Garden Piazza)
70. Dedicated to the wonderful Chelsea Pensioners (Royal Hospital Chelsea)
71. Boodles (Baker Street)
72. Belle (Suffolk Street)
73. The Vanishing Lotus (Green Park)
74. Elephant Race (Against Time) (Bank Station)
75. Colourful Hope (Hans Crescent) – Read an interview with Cako Martin, the artist behind ‘Colourful Hope’.
76. Ella May (LMA) (Baker Street Victoria street outside Westminster Council building)
77. Pit Bingko (Green Park)
78. Noah (Covent Garden Piazza)
79. The Empire Is Not Striking Back (Green Park)
80. Ritual (St Paul’s Churchyard)
81. Marjorie (More London)
82. Grey Elephant (New Bond St)
83. Midnight Indigo (Bow Churchyard)
84. Matilda (Museum of London Docklands)
85. Sans Merci (St. James’s Park)
86. Polyphant (Green Park)
87. The Happy End of Nature (Terminal 5, Heathrow Paddington Station)
88. Ddj (Covent Garden Piazza)
89. Brambles (Queens Walk, Royal Festival Hall)
90. Twiggie (37, Davies Street (Near Couture Lab))
91. Cupcake (Regent Place)
92. Tigerphant (Newport Court)
93. Tango (The Dorchester)
94. Charmed (The Royal Opera House)
95. Elephas Maximus (More London)
96. Dandi-phant (St Pancras International)
97. Saffron (Westfield)
98. Seymour (Natural History Museum)
99. Buddy (Hans Crescent)
100. Carry On Up The Khyber (More London)
101. Layla (Berkeley Square)
102. Tattoo – Born To Be Wild (Green Park)
103. Greetings From The Jungle (31 Harbet Rd, Paddington)
104. Arthur (Knightsbridge Green)
105. Elephant Ladyland (87 Mount Street)
106. Cosmos (Bank Station)
107. Cartier (The Royal Exchange)
108. Karma (Green Park)
109. Russell (Green Park)
110. Figgy (Saint Martin’s Court)
111. MOTHER NATURE (The Hempel Hotel)
112. Tara (Hyde Park, Speakers Corner Green Park)
113. Monopoly Community Chest (Hamleys Toy Store)
114. Zambi (Hamleys Toy Store)
115. Eco The Elephant (High Holborn)
116. Hornbill (More London)
117. Untitled (Queens Walk, Hungerford Bridge)
118. Candy (Carnaby St/Marlborough St)
119. Oli (South Molton Street)
120. The Singing Butler Rides Again (Burlington Arcade)
121. James Bond (Queens Walk, Hungerford Bridge)
122. Roselephant (More London)
123. A Penny For Your Thoughts (26, South Audley Street)
124. Elfreda (Tower of London)
125. Lover (Berkeley Square)
126. Untitled (Gajaraja) (Leicester Square Gardens)
127. Gloria (Kings Road)
128. Cotee (Greenwich Visitors Centre)
129. Sally (Queens Walk: National Theatre)
130. Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity (Natural History Museum)
131. Sidhe (Mount Street)
132. Young At Art (South Molton Street)
133. Manasuna (Burlington Arcade)
134. Will Only Words Remain? (Green Park)
135. Gerald (Selfridges China White, Winsley Street – by appointment only)
136. Julia’s Elephant (Market Square, Royal Festival Hall)
137. Big Heart Open Mind (Green Park)
138. Eleafant (Curzon Street)
139. Bertie (Foubert’s Place/Kingly St)
140. Just Joey (Hay’s Galleria)
141. Kids Co Elephant (Potters Fields Park)
142. Dead End (South Molton Street)
143. Rajasthan Royals (Trafalgar Square)
144. Kings XI Punjab (Trafalgar Square)
145. Mumbai Indians (Trafalgar Square)
146. Kolkata Knight Riders (Trafalgar Square)
147. Delhi Daredevils (Trafalgar Square)
148. Deccan Charges (Trafalgar Square)
149. Chennai Super Kings (Trafalgar Square)
150. Royal Challengers Bangalore (Trafalgar Square)
151. Wooly Mammoth (Hans Crescent)
152. Frank (Market Place)
153. Clearing (Soho Square)
154. Gilt (Golden Square Gardens)
155. ELEPHANTASTIC (6 Devonshire Square)
156. TINKLE (Bruton Street Berkeley Square)
157. Deliverance (Queens Walk, Royal Festival Hall)
158. Eeipey (Windrush Square, Brixton)
159. Mason (House of St Barnabas)
160. Kissed by Lulu Guinness (Carnaby St/Broadwick St)
161. Maureen (Queens Walk, National Theatre)
162. Gajaraj (Old Quebec Street)
163. Suraj (The Dorchester)
164. Hathi (V&A Museum)
165. Untitled (Sotheby’s New Bond St Somerset House)
166. Lunacrooner (Kensington High Street)
167. Elephish (Foubert’s Place/Regent Street)
168. Coco (Berkeley Square)
169. Nanook (Green Park)
170. Vanishing Elephant (Curzon Street)
171. Jarlo (Victoria Tower Gardens)
172. Luna (Westfield)
173. The Paul Smith Elephant (The Royal Exchange)
174. BaarsFant no2 (Green Park)
175. R (New Burlington Place)
176. No More Plundering (Potters Fields Park)
177. Utopia (Queens Walk, Hungerford Bridge)
178. Naveen (Notting Hill Gate)
179. 21st Century Ganesh (India Place)
180. Boogie Woo (Soho Square)
181. Kubella – The Seaside Elephant (St Christopher’s Place)
182. Fatima (Kensington Gore)
183. Jaidayal (the triumph of kindness) (More London)
184. The Human Disease (81 – 83 Great Eastern Street)
185. Less is Morvi (V&A Museum)
186. Around The World (Blackrock, King William St)
187. Heavenly Jewel (Leicester Square Gardens)
188. MAYUR GAJENDRA (Blackrock, King William St)
189. Elephant Farfalla (Orange Square)
190. Josephine (Sloane Square)
191. bird (House of St Barnabas)
192. bird2 (Victoria Tower Gardens)
193. Dumbow (Neal Street)
194. Iconic London (Bruton Street Berkeley Square)
195. Eko (Green Park)
196. Izzy (Lime Street)
197. Haathini (Cleopatra’s Needle, Victoria Embankment)
198. Mammoth Metaphor (Somerset House)
199. Impossiphant (South Molton Street)
200. Dickinson Elephant (Jermyn Street)
201. The Elephant Outside The Room (St Paul’s Churchyard)
202. Dazzlephant (Green Park)
203. Grayson (St. James’s Park)
204. Elhi (Park Lane)
205. Sir Percy (Park Lane)
206. Mr Bojangles (Cavendish Square)
207. Untitled (Berkeley Square)
208. Kingdom (Sloane Square)
209. Harmony (Green Park)
210. Harapan (Green Park)
211. Hope (BT Building, nearest tube station is St Paul’s)
212. Looking Me In The Eye (Berkeley Square)
213. Elefun (Green Park)
214. Vanda (Swallow St)
215. Rainforest (Holland Park Avenue)
216. The Emerald Queen (Selfridges)
217. The Spirit of India (Selfridges)
218. The Lion King on Stage (Covent Garden Piazza)
219. Cloudia. (Cloudia Roams London – check here for latest position) Sign the petition
220. Oak, Chestnut, Plane & Elm (Regent Place)
221. Cholai (Leicester Square Gardens)
222. The Princess Elephant (Leicester Square Gardens)
223. Rangoli (Cavendish Square)
224. Eli (Westfield)
225. Mr William (Green Park)
226. Pearly Prince (Coutts Bank, 440 The Strand)
227. My Gorgeous Jungle! (Cleopatra’s Needle, Victoria Embankment)
228. Mr Cameron (Victoria Embankment Gardens)
229. Blue Patch (81 Fulham Rd)
230. Mr Brown (Victoria Embankment Gardens)
231. The Illustrated Elephant (Hanover Square)
232. Whisper (Kensington High Street)
233. Topographant (New Bond Street)
234. Peony (Fulham Road)
235. Poppy (249 Fulham Rd Paddington Street Gardens)
236. Patchwork (Berkeley Square)
237. Freedom (Piccadilly)
238. The Isles of London (Kensington Gore)
239. Untitled (St. James’s Park)
240. Zabriskie (Hyde Park Corner)
241. HappyPhant (Marble Arch)
242. G-n-S (Golden Square Gardens)
243. Hope of Freedom (Green Park)
244. Jewel-ele (The Royal Exchange)
245. Jade (Heddon Street 117 Cromwell Road)
246. Never Forget (Green Park)
247. Tommy Hilfiger Red Elephant (28-31 Saint Martin’s Ct)
248. Sadhana (New Bond Street)
249. Spooning Sunday (Selfridges)
250. The Haecceity Elephant (Victoria Tower Gardens)
251. Oscar (Hanover Square)
252. Udata Hathi (Hans Crescent)
253. Flocking to the City (Covent Garden Piazza)
254. Cocoa The Elephant (Orange Square)
255. The City in the Elephant (More London) To appreciate this wonderful piece I suggest you view the video also.
256. The BODYAMR & Zara Martin Elephant (Hans Crescent)
257. Mr Clegg (Victoria Embankment Gardens)
258. Ziggy (Selfridges)

View The Elephant Parade in a larger map

Outdoor Elephant (though some are in parks which may close at certain times)
Indoor Elephant (may require the location to be open before you can view the elephant)


23 Responses to “The Elephant Parade”

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  2. Wavatar shawn on May 11th, 2010 9:39 pm

    any chance of putting the location of each elephant next to the name?

  3. Wavatar murphyz on May 11th, 2010 10:56 pm

    Shawn – the locations have been added. I’ve been attempting to add them to a map also so if you check out the Flickr map linked in the post you should have an indication of where I found each one. Some of them are in the habit of moving, however.

    Good luck with the elephant hunt.


  4. Wavatar murphyz on May 14th, 2010 3:55 pm

    Natalie, thanks for your comments – and thanks for your part in the Elephant Parade, I’m having a great time going around them all.

    I’ve added a link to your blog in the description of each of the photos on their Flickr pages.

    Note for anyone reading these comments that the above link is http://www.poppiesartworkshops.blogspot.com/ (plural on ‘poppies’) – do check out the creation process.


  5. Wavatar Top tips for viewing the elephant parade : murphyzVille on May 20th, 2010 12:04 am

    […] Technology « The Elephant Parade […]

  6. Wavatar Cako on May 30th, 2010 6:46 pm

    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for all.

  7. Wavatar Karl on May 31st, 2010 1:14 pm

    I’m quite taken by Cloudia & Gaia Elephant…if I had £7000 kicking around I’d even be tempted to bid!

    Which one’s your favourite? If you had a big enough balcony & cash to spare which would you go for?

  8. Wavatar murphyz on June 1st, 2010 1:09 pm

    I really like Taxi Elephant (#68) and feel that would fit in well on my balcony…apart from the size, of course (well, the cost also).

    Other favourites though are 113. Monopoly Community Chest; 75. Colourful Hope; 37. Woodland and any that have maps of London on them in some way. There are others also, so I would find it hard to do a top ten of them.

    You can buy miniature elephants which I think I will do, but rather than having the ‘collect-em-all’ mentally with the miniatures I think I will just buy one…not sure which one yet though.


  9. Wavatar Bal on June 4th, 2010 10:00 am

    this is a fab site!
    i’m only on 96 but can’t find 146 and 148 in trafalgar square… help!
    also, you mentioned that some keep moving, do they move to where other elephants are or just to random locations…. i’m on a mission this weekend to see them all 🙂

  10. Wavatar Bal on June 4th, 2010 10:03 am

    okay, just looked at your map and found the answer…. that map’s much better than the one you get on the website!

  11. Wavatar murphyz on June 4th, 2010 10:05 am

    Bal, glad you found their location – and happy hunting this weekend.

    There is a Thai festival on at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 5th June (tomorrow) which runs from noon to 8pm.

    My advice, hit Trafalgar Square before noon to get a clear shot of the elephants before the festival kicks off!


  12. Wavatar Stacie on June 5th, 2010 12:42 am

    Had a fab day today with the kids on our elephant hunt…
    Ampersand – no. 8 – is my fav ! I love the way it is so different from all the others. And also Peony – no. 234 – standing all alone on the Fulham Road. Wish i had of know about the iphone app – it may have saved us loads of time… but i know for next time as we have loads more to find!!

  13. Wavatar Stacie on June 5th, 2010 2:22 am

    Tara (112) has been moved…. we found her today in Green Park !!

  14. Wavatar bal on June 6th, 2010 5:43 pm

    Pls help!… daisies (14) is no longer at nothing hill gate and I can’t find her anywhere 🙁 also where is 124, 237 & 30…. thanks…. oh, 165 is at Somerset house x

  15. Wavatar murphyz on June 6th, 2010 5:57 pm

    Bal, I understand Daisies is now outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.

    Unless the below have moved:

    124 – is at Tower Hill, opposite More London on the north side of the river, just up from the Tower Millennium Pier.

    30 – If you stand outside Green Park tube station looking towards the park, Vorsprung is on the right and outside the park. Use the traffic lights to the right of the station and you can’t miss him.

    237 – same side of the road as Vorsprung is but you need to walk much further down Piccadilly towards Hyde Park with Green Park on your left. 237 is pretty much opposite the Hard Rock Cafe.

    165…indeed, I think Sotheby’s was bored of everyone going in so this one has joined Mammoth Metaphor.


  16. Wavatar bal on June 7th, 2010 12:56 pm

    thanks M! don’t know how i missed 30 when i was right there…
    got about 20 left to see, assuming i can somehow get to see gerald…

  17. Wavatar Shazia on June 10th, 2010 12:47 pm

    This is such a great site, well done you for putting this up.

    Not really started my elephant hunting but hoping to start this weekend (only 2 weekends left!). I’m going to go by car (have a dodgy knee so can’t walk that much!). I want to get all the indoors ones out of the way so I can do the others at my leisure. I don’t have an iphone so any other tips about tracking them? Wish I can print off your google map =(

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Wavatar murphyz on June 10th, 2010 1:18 pm


    The elephant parade website has a PDF map: http://www.elephantparadelondon.org/images/elephant_parade_london_routemap.pdf

    Though a little hard to read in places it’s a good starting point to finding the elephants and good to carry around with you. I would compare with my map also as I feel it’s a little out of date (as is mine, actually, but less so).

    I would also keep an eye on the Facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/elephantfamily – so that you can also keep track of any elephants that have gone AWOL or moved to another location and edit your map accordingly.

    Please note that some locations may be closed at the weekend – such as Devonshire Sq – and the busy tourist places (Westfield and Hamley’s as examples) are better to visit first thing in the morning rather than mid day.

    Finally, the majority of elephants will be gather at either the Royal Hospital Chelsea or Westfield in a few weeks time so you may still get to see any that you miss over the next few weeks at those locations.

    Good luck with your tracking.


  19. Wavatar Shazia on June 10th, 2010 2:02 pm

    Thanks for your tips. I do have the parade map and I’m trying to plot road names etc to help on my trip. The herds will be pretty straight forward, it’s just the ones hidden in side roads. Wish they had an app on Blackberry!

    I know I can see them all on display but elephant hunting is so much more fun! Aim to do a lot this weekend – hope the weather holds up!

    Thanks again!

  20. Wavatar Let the hunt begin… : murphyzVille on February 16th, 2012 6:23 pm

    […] few years ago we had the Elephant Parade, and later this year we have the BT Artbox project, however it appears there is something else […]

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  23. Wavatar shauninthecity : murphyzVille on April 6th, 2015 9:03 pm

    […] are currently 50 statues of Shaun the Sheep loitering around London in a similar manner to the Elephant Parade and Big Egg Hunt (and a few others that have happened in the past year or two). On display for just […]

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