Not being a celeb is cool by me

September 7, 2009 1 Comment

After the not-so-recent post I made featuring Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal (Being a celebrity – my pros for and cons against) I’ve had many hits looking for this brother and sister; mostly featuring the word topless or naked.

However, one hit I’ve also had recently and which I think is of interest is someone searching “Being a celebrity sucks”. I imagine it’s Linda Barker, who has to be one of the most pointless celebrities that exists – simply sitting there on her pristine sofa wondering why nobody likes her and blaming it on the fact she’s…um…what would she call herself? Successful? Attractive? Nope – annoying seems to be the only thing that comes to my mind.

Yes Linda, it does suck to be you I’m sure.

Though, with a place on primetime TV that was Changing Rooms, a 3rd place positon on I’m a Celebrity and a joint first on the wonderful Come Dine With Me, she’s certainly more successful, and no doubt more likable by the masses, than I am – perhaps I’m missing something (other than the Oxford comma). Perhaps she is appealing to most people; maybe the public are inspired by her creative skills in the home, and men perhaps do find her attractive and, as far as celebrities go then perhaps she is more harmless than pointless.

Not sure why I decided to break the silence with a little rant about Linda Barker – a bit odd, I know. Was just checking my stats, that search term came up in the results and she sprang to mind.

Sorry Linda, if it was you.