HTC [don’t] Touch

August 7, 2009 2 Comments

I was bored at work at lunchtime the other day, so I dissected my HTC Touch to see what was inside.

Here’s the HTC Touch from the front (pre dissection):


Here it is from the back (also pre dissection):


Here it is without the battery.


That’s pretty much as far as you can get without a screwdriver.  I did have a screwdriver to hand; but it wasn’t one of those little ones used by watch makers which I think is what would have been needed.  It was a normal sized flathead; so I just used that and a bit of force to continue.

Removing the back panel which also has a void sticker covering the whole panel, so removed that also (phone now officially voided):


This is after I removed the front cover panel, which wasn’t difficult with my trusty screwdriver:


Under this was a semi-hinged piece of metal holding the touch screen which I removed, of course:


And then I ripped out the semi hinged metal and the attached circuit board:


Finally I pulled apart all of the little parts such as the camera, mic, call/end call buttons, menu buttons, etc.


I’m not confident that I can piece it all back together so that it works again – I don’t even have any super glue.