July 31, 2009

The iPhone is making me extremely lazy.

I wake up in the morning and before I even have the chance to process basic facts, such as ‘What day is it?’, I’ve pressed a couple of buttons to check my emails and Twitter account.

I have an app that turns the iPhone into a mouse so I can control the PC from my bed, handy when watching TV, though seeing as I live in a studio flat it’s not as if I have far to go to control it the conventional way.

I’m currently lying in bed posting this from a WordPress App…I doubt having this particular App will make me more productive however as the only real reason I’m posting this now is to test it out and because I knew I would be writing a little more than I can fit into a Tweet.

I’m adding a photo to test that also.


5 Responses to “iAmLazy”

  1. Wavatar Martin on August 5th, 2009 12:50 pm

    The Murph lives, still.

    The iPhone doubles as a mouse?! Damn, wish I knew that before I got my new phone.

  2. Wavatar murphyz on August 5th, 2009 12:54 pm

    I do live; I’m just lazy.

    I tried to find you on Twitter the other day, but failed. Do you use? (Twitter I mean, not drugs)


  3. Wavatar Martin on August 5th, 2009 8:00 pm

    I use it not. I am yet to be infected by this widely spreading Twitter virus which seems to hold humanity hostage.

    I’m already struggling to find anything interesting to talk about on my blog, let alone ‘tweeting’ (shudder!). I cannot, and will not, expose the world to such inanity.

  4. Wavatar Martin on August 5th, 2009 8:02 pm

    Then again, Stephen Fry loves it, so how bad can it be?

    Perhaps, when I am experiencing my next bout of earthshattering boredom, I shall try it. Perhaps.

  5. Wavatar murphyz on August 6th, 2009 11:33 am

    See, tweeting takes less effort than blogging so is easier to maintain 😉


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