Farmyard Media

March 10, 2009

chicken_avatar I’m currently working on bringing back the Book, Movie and Music forums for Cow & Chicken, Pig & Goat, and Duck & Donkey. They went offline a couple of years ago, partially due to a malicious virus that hit the server and ripped through a lot of the sites hosted, and mostly due to neglect.

I haven’t read a book in ages, but I’m hopeful that it may get me back into it a little.

So far working on the relaunch is going well. One of the major flaws of the original three forums were that they were just that, three forums. It was a natural course to take as they were run independently from each other, even though they were under the ‘Farmyard Media’ umbrella, and because Cow and Chicken were launched before the other two so it was easier to do three of them separately.

I’ve managed to go through the painstaking task of combining the three forums into one so that they use the same database – though feel I may have lost one or two users and posts along the way, but this now means that when you’re signed up and logged into one forum you are also signed up and logged into the others. Good for everyone but the administrators really, as we of course use the different identities to post in the different forums.

So, that part is done and finished as of tonight – so I’m having a celebratory drink. The next step is to redo all of the actual themes which is going to take some time, and is an extra learning curve as I haven’t really used the phpbb3 forum software before other than to set up a simple private forum for a residential community.

Then I think work needs to be spent on riddle.me, of which I’ve had several ideas of late and am looking forward to developing.


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