Don’t .tel me it can’t be done!

March 6, 2009

Today should see the go live for .tel, the new domain extension run by Telnic.

I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now, and though I aim to get several names in the General Availability phase launched later this month, I thought it would be worth securing murphy.tel in the Landrush phase at the oddly high price of $275.

There are two things that looked promising about .tel for me, and that is for companies and individuals to share their data with those who require it.

From a company perspective it would work like this:

Acme Corporation register acme.tel
They populate it with information so that anyone searching for Acme go to acme.tel and find the relevant information. Perhaps the user is in London, so they can click on a link or two for Europe and then United Kingdom and then London, here they will get details of the Acme stores in London.

The URL they would be at would technically be as follows:


This is all very well, but the idea, or so I thought, was to have data both public and private. So, a general member of the public can see the main contact numbers for the London office, but if you are a distributor, for example, you could set up a ‘handshake’ with acme so that you can see other details, perhaps an email or telephone number particularly for the distributor side of things.

I was dismayed to discover today, therefore, that you are only allowed private data under the top level.

According to the .tel userguide (Privacy section, page 21):

Private information is only supported in your main folder (yourname.tel), and not in sub-folders (social.yourname.tel). Anything put into sub-folders remains public at all times.

What the huh? Why?

So, anyone wishing to secure a name for their family, such as I did with murphy.tel, cannot then let their family members use the name as a decent tool for sharing information?

michael.murphy.tel could be used by me and spot.murphy.tel could be used by my make believe dog and have completely different information, but according to Telnic we’re not allowed any private information to be held under these records – only under murphy.tel

This seems extremely wrong to me and, though we may not have been mislead previously, I’m sure all indications were on how fabulous it is to be able to use .tel for regional purposes and the fantastic ability it has to show or hide any information you wish.

if .tel is going to take off, I think Telnic really need to reasses this issue and allow private data to be held on the ‘folder’ (subdomain) levels.

Very disappointing.


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