Kate Wins-a-lot

January 16, 2009

Was this a headline?

I didn’t see it, but seeing as how I’m writing this well behind anyone else it very well may have been. It certainly should be…it’s a damn good headline considering the lovely Winslet has finally won a couple of shiny Golden Globes (I have a few of those myself if you care to get your hands on them Kate?).

Here she is winning, pissing fat-lips Jolie off and accepting the award:

Yeah…I love you Kate – but that was a bit too much…a little bit too gushy.

You’re an actress, and a very good one, so you could probably put on a little performance there and just be…you know…normal. Rather than the apologetic annoying asthmatic pansy you turned into there.

In fact, I think you may have managed to annoy everyone enough to make sure you’re not going to be winning anything else in the near future. No-one wants to listen to that again!

Still…if you want to get your hands on 13 inches of well polished man next month – let me know…

…I’m sure I’ll be able to find a replica.


2 Responses to “Kate Wins-a-lot”

  1. Wavatar Stevie on January 18th, 2009 9:03 pm

    You are a sick man. Sxx

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