Every Hand Revealed – Gus Hansen

January 6, 2009

every-hand-revealed-gus-hansenIf you’ve seen the ‘Great Dane’ Gus Hansen play poker over the last few years you would probably have seen him sitting at the table with a hand held recorder which he will speak into after every hand, allowing him to note his comments on what has taken place which he can then relisten to in the evenings and for which, he claims, would help his game over the following sessions.

‘Every Hand Revealed’ is Gus talking about pretty much all of the hands he was involved in when he won the Aussie Millions Tournament in 2007. It’s a tournament diary, as it were, and the thoughts that go into the book are fresh as they were recorded at the time.

After reading many poker books based on the theory of the game, what you should do and shouldn’t do in certain situations and basically telling you how you should play each hand, it’s great to see a pro player coming out and doing something slightly different. Sure, the Harrington on Hold’em books are still the best I’ve ever read when it comes to tournament play, but by seeing hand-for-hand how someone else plays, their though processes and feelings, their reads and their mis-reads you really do get valuable insight into the game. Hansen went on to win the tournament, and he played superbly – but through this book you see that he did make mistakes, he did mis-read hands and people, and he did play rather foolishly at times – just the same as we all do. It’s reassuring to know that.


Though you may learn a thing or two from this book it’s more entertaining than it is tutorial. As mentioned, there are great insights into the thought processes involved throughout the tournament, and this is something you can certainly take away and include in your own game – but do so only when you have sound fundamentals for he game.

I watched the televised shows of this tourament as soon as I had read the book, and went back to pick out hands which were on TV and where they were in the book. Sure, there are a few simple mistakes – the book states there was a 3s on the flop when there was in fact a 3c…but it’s nothing that prevents you from knowing that this is an excellent write-up of a tournament where Gus recorded his true feelings and thoughts and laid bare for us all to read.

If you’re new to the game and looking for a book on tournament play, pick up the Harrington books. If you’ve been playing for a while and know a bit about what you’re doing – definitely pick this one up – it’s poker porn at it’s best!


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