Gears of War 2

January 5, 2009

gears-of-war-2Gears of War 2 is an excellent third person shooter that sees you and the rest of the ‘Gears’ team being attacked by subterranean aliens known as ‘locusts’.

Armed with an array of different weapons, the highlight of which is your gun with a chainsaw on the end, you have to defeat hordes of these locusts as they try and sink various cities.

It’s fast, it’s bloody and it really does absorb you into the alien world as you fight to save your team-mates wife, the last remaining city of Jacinto – and the human race.


As far as third person shooters go this has to be one of the best currently available. Most of the game sees you under cover, with the natural run movement being to that of the nearest piece of wall, tank or shrapnel that you can hide behind. Then it’s a simple pop-out of hiding, shoot, return to hiding scenario as you default those evil aliens.
It’s great fun though, and though the aliens aren’t the most intelligent creatures in the world they come at you fast and strong making you squeal with glee as you shoot them in the head, or mow then down with your handy chain-saw.

Though I didn’t play the original Gears of War I have to say the storyline is the only thing that lets this game down – but not in a major way. I know you’re meant to suspend belief in the real world when you enter a video game, but to find yourself in the middle of a giant worm halfway through the game, avoiding it’s digestive tracts and sawing your way through the major arteries of it’s three hearts just seemed a little bit silly. Still – it ended in a huge bloodbath so who I am to query it, really.

Gears of War 2: Gameplay

I normally get bored of human vs alien shooters (Resistance being the last one that springs to mind), but this one truely delivers on action that keeps you immersed – even in one player mode.



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