Nature at it’s finest

September 14, 2008 Leave a Comment

…with excitable tourists.

Quite an old video – but it somehow passed me by.

LHC Webcams

September 11, 2008 2 Comments

oh yes, very good.


Google Chrome

September 2, 2008 3 Comments

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a Google fanboy.

I use Google search religiously.

iGoogle is my home page.

Gmail is my email preference by far.

Google Reader is my favoured RSS feed reader.

Imagine my delight when I found they were finally releasing a browser. Would I finally be saying goodbye to Firefox?

Well, the Beta version of Google Chrome is finally released, and I must say that it’s ‘so far so good’.

Scrolling up and down pages seems a little too quick for my liking, but apart from that it loads everything without issue, and super speedy too.

I’ve had to add a few tweaks to get a few things back to how I’m used to…and it’s taking time to get used to tabs on the top of the browser rather than as part of the primary window.

Nice, so far. I think it will be a keeper.

They could do with an ‘undo close tab’ feature though.

Idiotic Fanboys

September 1, 2008 5 Comments

I was just looking at a youtube video for Playstation’s ‘Home’ which is due out some time this decade. The following is the intelligent responses from an X-Box 360 fanboy and the guy who posted the video.

PS3 Vs xbox