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How to change the page orientation of just one page within a Word document.

I wanted to test Scribd, so needed a document to upload. voila!

Changing-Orientation-of-a-single-page-with-Word-2007Upload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: Changing-Orientation-of-a-single-page-with-Word-2007

Not overly useful, I know, but fits the purpose.

Searching for Bigfoot?

August 14, 2008 4 Comments

Well…your search may be over.

I check out Google Trends sporadically and today one of the top searches is for Bigfoot, and variations thereof.

Although www.searchingforbigfoot.com appears to be down just now due to an exceeding bandwidth limit the news seems to be that the body of a bigfoot-esque creature has been found in Georgia, shoved into a freezer, and then evidence and DNA proof will be giving in a press conference tomorrow.

Not sure what the DNA proves really. That it is the same DNA as another Bigfoot they haven’t found yet? Or just that it’s a primate?

Who knows; I’m fairly sure it’s just a nice hoax – but it’s creating a buzz and will be an interesting story to keep following.

Geeknews has a decent sized image that I can’t be bothered stealing if you wish to check it out.

Toys and Games

August 13, 2008 4 Comments

One of the top selling products in the Toys & Games section on amazon.co.uk appears to be a food blender.

Toys and Games?

The perfect gift for your darling child this Christmas!

Stealing Friends

August 7, 2008 5 Comments

Several months ago I was bored and wishing to find new blogs to read on the Internet. The natural way to do this was to look at the people I read, and go through their linked blogs to see what ‘friends of friends’ are up to.

And so I did.

I managed to find one blogger which is quite entertaining, and so I read through a few of their past posts, found myself giggling. I liked what they had to say, and the way they said it.

In a way, they reminded me of how I used to write my blog back in the day of ‘phonics’ on Diaryland – only with more articulation, intelligence and crassness.

So I added them to my RSS feed and read what they always have to say.

It feels like I’m spying on them though. I haven’t commented, so they don’t know that I read them…and I haven’t told the friend where I found them that I am reading the blog of one of their friends.

It’s as if I’m in a farcical comedy, innocently hiding behind a couch due to some unfortunate but innocent incident and having both people sitting on the couch not knowing I’m there.

There’s an episode of Friends where Ross is in the apartment of his ex getting a jumper he left when his ex comes home with a man and they are on the couch, Ross is behind it.

I’m Ross.

Though the friend and my newest RSS member aren’t making out on the couch they are definitely in that room together sometimes and I’m sat here listening in to them in secret, and I’ve now left it too long too jump out and reveal myself for fear of ridicule.

At the same time, though, I’m not 12 so I can step up and be a man here.

So, Liars and Lunatics, I found your blog via TenderHooligan and I’m no longer ashamed to admit it. I like your writing and find you amusing.

I hope you enjoyed your last ever living room masturbation last night!

And on that note, I’m glad the couch I’m behind is metaphorical.

To Do list:

August 5, 2008 10 Comments

Just so I can keep track of things that I want to do over the next week or so, in no particular order.

1) Figure out the next MENEFT puzzles to release this weekend (I should also try and create a few more puzzles as I haven’t done any for weeks).
2) Write new blog entry for Sir Listalot (first $100 Google adsense payment came through last week so I must keep it up to date).
3) Develop a Facebook application.
4) Not get drunk tomorrow night.
5) Watch 31 episodes of The X-Files/The Lone Gunmen and then go see the film.
6) Hand keys back to landlord for old flat.
7) Cook a proper meal.