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March 8, 2008 9 Comments

Formula 1 The Formula 1 2008 season starts next weekend, and I’ve updated the forum predictions to include the new races and drivers for this year.

As with previous years, you get to predict the top 8 finishers for each race, who will do the fastest lap and how many drivers will retire from each race.

The timing for some of the races may not be quite right just now, but will be amended nearer the time. Generally submissions for each race can be done as far as you like in advance, but need to be submitted ten minutes before the start of each race. It’s probably best to do this after the final qualifiers but before the race itself.

You need to be a member of the forum to take part, as we obviously have to know who you are to be included on the leader board.

Go to Formula 1 Predictions now.
I’ve also released the first set of riddles for – which has a few relatively easy and a few not so easy riddles for people to ponder over. Though this site will probably be expanded upon in several ways in the future, this release has a basic aim of being a place where someone who has a liking for riddles can kill a little time. There’s no save function so if you leave the page and return you need to redo them. The basic aim for me is to be able to monitor the type of traffic it gets (if any), which will help me with a few other projects I have down the line. If you care to point it out to any riddle liking friends, or perhaps to submit to the likes of StumbleUpon, then that would be appreciated.

No help for the riddles will be offered in this blog, but there will be a section as and when required on the forum.