What time is it?

February 25, 2008 6 Comments

I wonder if I’ve seen every minute in a 24 hour period?

I often see the same times over and over, such as when I look at the clock at work in the afternoon, and see it’s 4:44. I’ve seen that time lots of times.

I’ve obviously seen the time throughout a 24 hour period, such as being awake late one morning and seeing it was something like 3:20am before going to bed, or waking up and seeing that it was 4:58 perhaps.

Yet I wonder if there’s maybe one minute in a 24 hour period that I’ve never actually been looking at a clock to see?

Perhaps I’ve never happened to look at a clock when it reads 5:14am. Perhaps in my whole life I’ve looked at a clock at every other minute of a 24 hour day except for that one.

I’m not going to write down every minute that’s possible in a huge list so that I can check them off whenever I see them – as that would be far too anal…plus I think it would lead to me actively looking at a clock in order to see a particular number – which wouldn’t be a great use of my time.

Still…I wonder if there is one minute that I’m missing…

Riddle me this

February 20, 2008 6 Comments

A couple of years ago I had a huge interest in online riddling. When a place called Net Riddle first opened there were a lot of people online looking for a place to assist in the solving of the puzzles, which is how my forum took off all those years ago.

At the time I wrote several riddles myself with the intention of releasing my own contest, one of many projects that I’ve started over the years and not completed. This year I aim to do something about it and complete a few of them…hopefully.

So, back I have gone to the riddles that I was creating. I’ve dug out an old Flash interface that I was working on, and have found the same problems exist now in that I’m not proficient enough in the use of flash and, moreso, in using actionscript to make it talk to a database….but am slowly getting around that.

I think I can quite easily get over the whole coding aspect and get something online in the near future that would serve as a little entertainment value to some people…but I have a much bigger problem.

I’ve found the riddles I wrote several years ago to see which are usable…and it turns out I have absolutely no idea what some of the answers are or how to get them.

Seriously, what I wrote ages ago and must have thought were great, I now look at and think ‘how the heck am I supposed to solve this?!’

I’ve probably got to spend longer now figuring out my own riddles than I will spend finishing off the code to get the stupid thing online.

And then there’s another 3 or 4 projects to be getting along with…

New TV

February 19, 2008 10 Comments

Do I need a new television for my bedroom?

Old TV – 21″, 6 years old, quite large. Perfectly okay otherwise. Freeview box beside it.
New TV – 22″, flat screen, HD Ready, Freeview included, can also act as monitor. Shiny.

The coin I flip to make difficult decisions for me says no.

The fact I keep flipping the coin in a hopeful manner tells me I really do want it.