December 19, 2007 19 Comments

Further to a message from Tah I installed a new plugin by Shamus Young, called Wavatars.

Wavatars take the email address that someone enters when posting a comment, encrypts it using a md5 hash and using the hash characters to create an avatar that is unique to that email address.

This means posting a comment here will give you a particular avatar based on the email. If someone else runs the wavatar plugin and you use the same email address to post, you’ll get the same avatar.

As each email address is different, your avatar will be different to anyone elses.

I did encounter a few problems initially whilst trying to get wavatars to work, and they were not showing.

For anyone coming here who may get the same issues, it’s because I did not have two folders within wpcontent. That is, I had to create a ‘cache’ folder within wpcontent, and also create a ‘wavatars’ folder within the cache folder. Making both of these writable meant the images could be stored, referenced and displayed.

lucky man

December 12, 2007 3 Comments

Life is good to me.

I want to say that from the start, and I’ll reiterate a little way through, but generally life if very good to me.

If I need something in life, I generally get it. Whatever it is turns up and all works out well – so in that respect I’m extremely lucky.

Some days, however, just suck.

I was out playing poker last night, and ended up with a reasonable profit which is always good. I take a taxi home and get in at around 1am. Watch a DVD for a while knowing I should really be going to sleep, and so wake up today thinking I’ll be a little tired but otherwise okay.

I do wake up a little tired, as expected, but also with a huge sore throat and the makings of a cold – which is extremely annoying as I had a cold just 2 weeks ago and don’t want another one.

So I drag my carcass off to work and have a not-too-bad day there, though the workload is huge and I am only little.

Tomorrow (or should I say, in 8 hours) I am heading off to Prague for a work conference, so a lot of today was spent attempting to get ready for that – and failing quite well at it. My normal workload, and attempting to get a few last minute things sorted, saw me working through to 8:30 tonight, and only that time because I opted to take the rest of the work to my manager’s house to finish over dinner. So after a very quick dinner I sit to finish up some work, and to sign 150 Christmas cards for various clients, I eventually strt my way home just after midnight, finding myself home just after 12:30.

And so I start to get my things ready for my trip tomorrow when I seem to be missing a crucial thing in my travel plans – that is my passport.

Ah feck. Frantic room search results in nothing.

I quickly scan the memory banks to see if I can remember where it may be, and certainly remember it being in my bag this time last week, on the Thursday I think too – so where could it have gone.

I also have hazy recollections of my bag spilling out over the floor of a poker club I frequent and so worry slightly that it may have fallen out there. Luckily these establishments are late night, late morning kind of places and it’s open when I call, so the manager on duty says he’ll have a look for it and give me a call back in 20 minutes.

Being a proactive type of fellow I immediately step to and jump into the nearest taxi so I can go to work and check there, with doubtful hopes of it being there.

I get to work, and find said passport in my jacket pocket. See, I have a winter jacket stored at work from last year, and a normal jacket. I swapped normal jacket on Sunday en-route to poker for winter jacket as it was chilly, and for some reason didn’t fathom my passport was in there.

No call, by the way, from the above mentioned manager who stated he would call me back in 20 minutes.

Another taxi home and I find myself sitting in my room at 2:15 typing this, drinking a lemsip to try and get rid of this cold and still requiring bag packing and the reading of 100 or so long boring pages about things I don’t understand in preparation for tomorrow.

Still, come Friday night I’ll have no work to do and a weekend in Prague ahead of myself. I already know where the casino is in relation to the hotel, and should the weather website be correct, I may get snowed in and not be able to fly back.

As mentioned, all does turn out well in the end, and I am a very lucky person in general.