A good moan

November 29, 2007 11 Comments

I’ve been complaining a few times this week.

A couple of days ago I was leaving the office for lunch when I saw someone had posted flyers through the front door advertising some nightclub nearby. This I don’t mind. I take it for granted that you’re going to get flyers through the door even if the product or service being offered is of no interest to you.

34 of them though?

There’s no need to shove 34 flyers through one letter box. Unless of course you’re being paid to deliver and feel it’s the best way to get home in time for Countdown.

I found an email address for someone at the nightclub using the various work related internet tools at my disposal (Google.com) and fired off an email stating my displeasure.

I had a nice reply from the lady who was paying a few teams to deliver leaflets, and as her instruction had been one flyer per door she was also quite interested in hearing the reasons from that particular team as to why 34 flyers had been posted.

Seriously, if you want to get rid of them – stick them in a bin and not in a letterbox where you’ll get a cranky guy like me bothering to call someone up on it.

I probably got someone fired, but I’m okay with that. I feel if you’re paid to do a job you should do it properly without cutting all of the corners, regardless of the job. I actually have posted flyers in the past, and am proud to say I did it properly.

I feel I have given an individual an important lesson in my actions. So there.

I complained again today, and this one was a little less petty.

I bought my lunch from Marks & Spencer, and as a treat I bought a dessert, which is unlike me.

As I went to eat it this afternoon, I thought to myself ‘This isn’t an ordinary chocolate muffin dessert; this is a M&S chocolate muffin dessert, with luxurious double belgium chocolate and a long, stringy, strand of human hair’.

Ewww. I had a hair in my dessert. It even had bits of muffin baked into it.

I didn’t eat it, of course. I wandered back to M&S, completed a food quality complaint form and received double my money back (£2 thank you very much).

The girl at the counter was very apologetic and mentioned someone from head office may be in touch in the near future to also offer their apologies.

I decided not to grab another item on my way out, in case I find something else in there that would put me off M&S for good.


November 27, 2007 3 Comments

Co-worker (holding up a banana that was strangely black and grey in places in contemplation of whether or not to eat it): “I’m a little concerned about my banana!”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’m sure it led a fruitful life.”

Bed at 2am, but a razor sharp wit nonetheless.