Potter Puppetry

October 21, 2007

News of J.K. Rowling outing Dumbledore simply bored me last week. It doesn’t add anything to any of the books, it doesn’t give me an extra level of meaning to his character and it really wasn’t something I will be giving much thought to at all. I did wonder what the point of it was? If this is a major revelation in any way then it should have been included in the series of books, not in a post-Potter interview.

Perhaps in a few months we’ll find out Ron was a kleptomaniac.

For anyone who may be interested, Dumbledore appears naked in the following video. The video is certainly safe for work, but perhaps not for your sanity as it’s ever so slightly odd. Chipmunks are cool though.

As whoever made the above video ‘chipmunk style’ simply took the original video and made it faster, credit should go to the original slow version as it was the guys behind this who put in all the work and effort. Check out Potter Puppet Pals: Mysterious Ticking Noise


2 Responses to “Potter Puppetry”

  1. Wavatar tenderhooligan on October 21st, 2007 11:21 am

    The whole world really is talking about it. This is why I hate Harry Potter. Who fucking cares?!

  2. Wavatar Tah on October 22nd, 2007 4:07 am

    Only the fan fic writers will care. Oh. And the religious nuts who already hate HP because of the magic and whatever else they hate about it.

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