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September 27, 2007 9 Comments

When I went into further education I did so because I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, so instead of taking a gap year I just went straight on and enrolled in a business administration course thinking the year I was there would give me the chance to decide what I wanted to do.

Towards the end of the first year, I was still unsure what I wanted to do and so opted for one more year on the same course. At this time a few course mates persuaded me to sign up for the degree which would be 3 years long and would give mt the option of being signed up for it, and at the same time I could leave mid way through if I wanted to do so.

I stayed for three years of course – as I still had no idea what I wanted to do.

The same course mates also convinced me to get a student loan…each year. I’m easily persuaded, and so I did get the max I was allowed each year – even though I didn’t need it. It went on stuff like a PC, CDs, DVDs, and th usual things that money goes on.

Of course there was the possibility that I wouldn’t have had to pay it back depending on earnings, and in a small town in the north of Scotland you can live well on a meagre salary.

I hadn’t planned on moving to London.

Arrive in London, get a job, and then you’re suddenly earning enough to pay back that loan you thought was free money.

I received my annual statement from the Student Loans company the other day, and have £493 left to pay.

Wow. That’s a tiny amount – I won double that playing poker the other week. I’ve also lost double that playing poker – so it’s easy come easy go I guess.

As a Christmas treat I might try and remember to give the Student Loans company a call and just ask them to take the payment as a one off to clear the balance.

I’ll start 2008 debt free. No loan repayments, no overdraft, no credit card.

No home-owner, no girlfriend and no savings – true. But debt free is a start.

Say No to Size Zero

September 25, 2007 2 Comments

Oliviero Toscani has always been a photographer with a knack for eye catching visuals, and in some cases an an eye for the daring, but his latest images of a 27 year old Anorexic model are slightly more disturbing than any I ever did see for United colors of Benetton.

click image to view full
Size Zero

The photos are used for the Milan Fashion show to advertise the Nolita brand of Flash and Partners, a company who blame the fashion industry and designers for the rise anorexia due to their obsession in Size Zero models.

click image to view full

The images here repulse me. I know it’s a serious issue, an illness. I really do hope there aren’t impressionable girls out there who think this looks good, and that this is what is required to become a model.

Alas, I’m sure there are – and it’s an issue that will continue to be a problem, and a cause of death, to many.

Bob Dylan Plugin

September 22, 2007 4 Comments

The Bob Dylan Facebook Plugin is probably the best one I have seen on Facebook so far.

The plugin takes a sample from the Subterranean Homesick Blues video and has your own message printed on the boards that Dylan flips through.


Bob Dylan Facebook Plugin

Domain Parking

September 18, 2007 2 Comments

A couple of months ago I registered a name for $6, spent a few minutes sticking up a website with automated content and running adsense. The adsense did nothing – and I think I received about 50 pence for the whole duration the site was up…but adsense wasn’t really the point, more so I wanted the content to get listed in Google and other search engines in order to drive natural traffic to the website.

A week ago I switched the nameservers so that the site no longer ran a live website, but was parked at SEDO. This means the natural traffic was being driven to the PPC site instead of a live website. Ever since I was sent out to LA for work I’ve been interested in adsense and domain parking, attempting to find out how it all works – so these little experiments are fun. I also wish to learn about adwords and have been doing a little testing with those.

Here are the stats for this domain over the past week:

Sedo Stats

Not a huge percentage of click through, and not a huge amount of revenue – but this past week has pretty much paid for the domain name and anything further is profit.

Eventually I’ll flip the nameservers back and have the live website with automated content on again, though feel I will probably get rid of adsense which is doing nothing. Once the traffic builds up, I’ll no doubt switch it back to parking so that it can make a little revenue.

Times this by 20 domains and I can buy a pint in the near future.

The Modern Bear

September 15, 2007 Leave a Comment

Paddington Bear I can’t believe Paddington Bear is coming back from the depths of the television archives.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s a rather nice little bear. From what I remember of my childhood I did like the occasional episode that I may have seen him in when they were repeated in the late 80s – and they were certainly much better than the 2d animated version that was released in the late 90s.

I just don’t see why this particular bear is enjoying a new lease of life.

First, we find out that he has ditched his favourite sweet conserve for the vile black tarness of Marmite – ick.


Now, we find that he’s heading off to Hollywood for a live action version at the hands of Danny “‘ello ‘arry” Heyman – which I think is just pointless.

I can see why things like The Transformers I understand…as it’s all about the effects, but this isn’t so with the bear who tries so hard to get things right.

What next – Bagpuss?


Free Fight offer with Ryanair

September 13, 2007 Leave a Comment

Talk about air rage, are currently offering a Free Fight offer when you fly with them.

Free Fight

I bet they still don’t offer any peanuts though!

Ceiling Cat…

September 6, 2007 4 Comments

courtesy of

Ceiling Cat

World Series of Poker – Europe

September 5, 2007 2 Comments

Poker GoldThis year the World Series of Poker is coming to London in a set of 3 events which will be the first time they have ever given away a bracelet outside of Las Vegas.

The events are played in three London casinos with the new Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square being the main venue. I walked past there at lunchtime and saw the huge banner outside advertising it, and it sank in how much I want to play at the main event.

The whole show kicks off tomorrow with a H.O.R.S.E event, following by an Omaha game on Saturday, and then the main event of Texas Hold’em which will start on Monday 10th.

I don’t think I would be able to raise the entry fee of £10,000 within the next few days though.

The only remote chance I would have of playing this year is by satellite entry. That is, are running a last chance saloon where they guarantee 5 seats. The entry fee for the satellite is $525, and this really would be the best chance for someone who can’t afford to pay the funds, and who haven’t already got a seat, to gain entry.

I would prefer to pay £500 for a live satellite, rather than online, as I’m currently playing better live than I am on the internet – no doubt due to the dodgy internet connection at home losing me hands and breaking the concentration.

Wish me luck, otherwise I guess I’ll catch it all on YouTube

At least she’s pretty

September 3, 2007 13 Comments

18 year old Lauren Caitlin Upton came third runner-up in the Miss Teen South Carolina contest last week. I don’t see why pageants have talent shows and question rounds. As a beauty contest they should just stand the girls on a pedestal, check out their bodies and their teeth, have them run in circles as if it’s the Best in Show award and then stick a crown on one of them. You can guarantee if an ugly girl entered who was very talented and super intelligent she wouldn’t win based on her looks, so why pretend that it’s anything less superficial than it is?

Lauren Caitlin Upton was asked why one-fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a map.

Her answer was as follows:

Well personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map. I don’t know anyone else who doesn’t. And if the statistics are correct, I believe there should be more emphasis on geography.

Or at least, that was her second answer to that question, 4 days after she was originally asked it and it’s obviously scripted and no doubt well rehearsed.

Her original answer wasn’t as good, and has been getting quite a lot of attention on YouTube. She claims to have not originally heard the question, and I’ll of course give her the benefit of the doubt.

Click Tracking

September 3, 2007 7 Comments

I recently installed a click tracking plugin which allows you to see where visitors to your site click. I have resisted the temptation to post images of semi naked men and women, or a kitten with a target painted on it to see if people click on them in particular areas – and instead decided to let it run its own course of business and see what happens.

The plugin tracks on a page by page basis, and here’s a snapshot of my home page:

Click Tracking

I guess some people will use this to see where their users click the most on a page, the information it tells you shows where you should place advertisements or special pieces of information. Mostly it shows people will just click randomly on the page – probably by acciident.

On this particular page, it seems someone – or various people – are attacking the ‘Mxx’ I sign off with.


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