Sat Nav Signs

August 28, 2007 4 Comments

New signs have been made to show the fact you cannot rely on Satellite Navigation Systems on narrow roads in wales.

This was the original sign that was shown to warn drivers – and is crystal clear really.

No Sat Nav Sign

Of course, we’re a nation that wants to have images instead of words, and these images must also try and signify the message. So here’s the one that was designed.

No Sat Nav Sign Image

When I first looked at this sign I thought it meant ‘No parking here in case a satellite falls on top of your car’ (like in a recent TV advert). It did not signify, to me, that it means sat nav is unavailable – but I guess from hereon in it will.

Surely, though, the red strike should be through the actual satellite and not the lorry…right?

What punctuation mark would you be?

August 24, 2007 4 Comments

Here’s one from the archives.

Every so often when I have the time I go back and read some of my older blogs, just to remind myself that I was once younger, wittier and with less body hair than I currently have. I enjoy the nostalgia of it, and I enjoy reading some of the things I used to write and seeing how my perspective has changed over the years.

I guess I’ve grown up. I no longer get drunk and steal things that I find attached to buildings or a neighbour’s garden, and my view on relationships and such like isn’t as black and white as it once was.

I feel also that I’ve lost a stupid and spontaneous element that I once had, and which I want back.

6 years ago I asked random people on the internet “If you could be a punctuation mark, which would it be and why?”. At the time I pretty much used ICQ, but who knows what types of devices would be at my disposal now…digg and all manner of social networking sites spring to mind.

Here are the answers from 6 years ago, which still make me laugh. Perhaps one day soon I’ll do something similar.

“If you could be a punctuation mark, which would it be and why?”

“Alex 77 – ? because I like intrigue”

“Angel #3: you sond hot
Angel #3: are you a guy
Murphy: thank you – it is quite warm…yes I am – I am just sending out messages to random people so I can ask them a question, do you mind?
Angel #3: no
Murphy: If you could be any punctuation mark, which would it be and why?
Angel #3: where do you live
Murphy: Scotland UK, soon to be London (also UK)
Angel #3: holly shit i love you and i love London
Murphy: really? will you answer my question then? in the name of love?
Angel #3: no
Angel #3: maybe
Angel #3: ok
Murphy: thanx
Angel #3: ?
Murphy: and why is that?
Angel #3: because you sound hot
Murphy: Thanx, seeya
Angel #3: nonono
Angel #3: what color are your eyes
Murphy: erm, brown – I think
Angel #3: what is your last name
Murphy: Murphy
Angel #3: how old are you
Murphy: 22
Angel #3: i knew that
Angel #3: i don’t believe that you are 22
Murphy: believe it – I was born in 1979
Angel #3: yah right i belive you
Angel #3: what’s your name
Murphy: Murphy
Angel #3: well Murphy Murphy that seems od
Murphy: nope, just murphy
Angel #3: on my screen it says your 13
Murphy: what else does it say?
Angel #3: lots about you
Murphy: anything interesting?
Angel #3: very
Murphy: such as
Angel #3: your nick name Murphy
Murphy: does it have the url of my webpage?
Angel #3: yes
Murphy: go there
Angel #3: but i can’t read can you tell me what it is
Murphy: Sorry, I would do but I can’t type
Angel #3: yah right
Murphy: you lie I lie”

“AnNaBeLL : alrighty…i guess a exclamation mark cuz it’s happy”

“barbarian: probably “@” singn … :)) is round and looks like yin and young .. 🙂 also suggest a circle …”

“Blnd_bomb – A period…. cause it seems like i’m always on it. Lmao.”

“Bruce: I would be a colon…. self explanatory if you know me…
Murphy: ah, thanx for the answer, but I don’t know you – could you give me a little hint?
Bruce: I’m an arshole!!
Murphy: lol, okay then”

“BUG JUICE ROX!!!!: uh…. the ! because um…. it shows excitement? i dunno”

“Murphy: If you could be any punctuation mark, which would it be and why?
Chappel: that’s ridiculous. don’t you have anything better to do? fuck off
Murphy: okay, thanx anyway”

“123606043: hi your nothing but numbers what is your cm name
Murphy: murphy – I am just sending out messages to random people so I can ask them a question, do you mind?
cm_beast: oh sure
Murphy: If you could be any punctuation mark, which would it be and why?
cm_beast: um well belive it or not that is my worst subject in school but a quistion mark because I ask alot of quistions”

“crow: to be honest with u i wouldn’t want to be any punctuation mark
Murphy: why not? what would you be?
crow: well i wouldn’t want to be anything cause i like myself the way i am now
Murphy: cool, but in a hypothetical situation…which would it be?
crow: ok i would be a question mark cause im always confused”

“cusp: an exclaimation mark… because it makes a point as soon as it is seen”

“Dark Preppie: a qotation mark, becuse there would always be 2 of me :)”

“db1736: I would be a period so I’d know what it’s like to be a woman.”

“Dee: maybe a commer cos iv always got something else to say”

“Erica: i would say a question mark
Murphy: and why is that?
Erica: it suits me
Murphy: can you be more specific as to why?
Erica: hey man, I”m on vacation, cut it with the questions. I guess I’ma mysterious kinda person, and I like asking questions, and it takes me a while before I’m convinced of something.”

“~*~ET-ette~*~: so i’ve noticed…..i guess i’d be an exclamation point, because i always make everything seem like an exclamation of some sort”

And further words of wisdom from that one….

“~*~ET-ette~*~: uhhhhh…..don’t meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.”

“figment: without even hesitation, an exlamation point, as I am who I am and here I am”

“Firemo – an exclaimation mark….cos I never seem to stop!”

“Goon_22: THats easy an !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exclamation mark because I like to be noticed as a exciting burst of emotion be it anger laughter or anything else might as well not be half assed about it”

“Gti boy: it would be…” £ ” because i plan on living a full and rich life”

“hardcore hobbs: ? because i am always asking questions or ! because my life is filled with excitement and hardcoreness
Murphy: thanks ver much – what exactly do you mean by hardcoreness? is that just music related?
hardcore hobbs: nope like my friend call me hardcore cause i always get in fights and wrestle people”

“iCeBoXeR: i would be a plus simbol as i am value added lol”

“Jade: well, I don’t know, i guess an esclamation point…
Murphy: any reason why?
Jade: it sounds happy”

“~*Jilly May*~: an exclamantion point because i am always like excited or hyper and out going”

“{^juju^}: !!!!!!!!
Murphy: and why would you be the ! ?
{^juju^}: it´s the most beutiful…i don’t know why”

“Karim: I would be a ?; doubt is the base of improvement…”

“kathy: !!!! because i like yellin why did you ask that gay question?
Murphy: that question is gay? what would you have asked?
kathy: hi whats your name and what are you doing or sumthin not (what punctuation mark woyuld you be) that is gay i mean noone cares about punctuation marks.I mean people are gonna think you are a freaking physco”

“Ki: lol, thats a diffrent one….i think I’d be a colin, bacuse there so rare but theres so many uses for it”

I already know 2 people called Colin

“laudi: i would be the semicolon cuz i love to be in between two different things that make complete sense on its own as well.”

“(little boy): a period…i like to end things”

Murphy: is 100 a punctuation mark?
@!LoveGuy!@: YES,WHY NOT…?
Murphy: well, it kinda has to fall into the dictionary – and not be a number. for example 1 2 3 4 5 = numbers, : , . ? ! = punctuation marks!
Murphy: anything?
@!LoveGuy!@: DO YOU KNOW THIS”

He shouted a lot and kinda scared me!

“markt: ! because I am straight up”

“Mel: exclamation point…… it is more likely to be heard”

“Musem Mike – A Question Mark. Because I’m a puzzle to everyone.”

“OPTIMO: how about the $ sign because money is what makes the world go round”

“parrot: an explanation mark cause it would make what i say stand out”

“peetah: sorry im wrong personality for your test. i cant comprehend the q
Murphy: if you could choose a punctuation mark – such as ? ! , . : ; ‘ ” and so on, which would it be? I would be the question mark ? as I ask a lot of weird questions
peetah: u misunderstand i know what you want me to say but i cannot be a punctuation mark
Murphy: why not?
peetah: i am a human being i am not a number i am not a punctuation mark i am a free man
Murphy: very good. Can’t you just pretend? for me 8)
peetah: no i cannot pretend i am a human being…”

“Rancor: Well i am Danish and my enlish would be called above average but what exactly is a punctuation mark ?
Murphy: things such as ? ! , . : ; ‘ * and so on
Rancor: Well then I would be a : or a ) because its the marks used in a smiley 😉 A stupid answer for a stupid question”

“Sue Sue: an exclamation
Murphy: and why is that?
Sue Sue: I dont know
Sue Sue: I just like them”

So good they named her twice!

“— -underdog- —: i think << ! >> will be my mark
Murphy: and why is that?
— -underdog- —: coz every day i am wondring more abut this crazy world every time i get cloz to a friend i found that he is fooling me”

“unwritten: A question mark cuz my life is full of questions”

“wwebcam: lol full stop cos i cant”

“Loree – An “Astrick”. So I can be used to point out important things.”

“Steve – I think I would be a quotation mark due to the fact that people keep telling me I never shut up…although I disagree with this completely and only talk when I’m bored and if I know the person, as for the people I don’t know I never say anything and people actually think I’m quiet…..very strange.”

“Dianne – I would be an exclamation mark! Cos it looks cute and i totally over use it!”


Out of 49 people asked – the most popular punctuation wannabe was the exclaimation mark ‘!’ with 16 votes equalling 34%.
Second was a question mark ‘?’ with 18% and 9 votes.
6 people – 12% – didn’t answer the question.
8% (4 people) wanted to be a period – aka fullstop – ‘.’
6% – 3 people – wanted to be a colon ‘:’

The other punctuation marks voted for by one or two people were – “ @ , ) $ £ + ; * and – for some strange reason – ‘100’

The results are in

August 24, 2007 8 Comments

Today I got my exam results from a Trademark formalities course I did this year. I wouldn’t say I was nervous about the results, as I didn’t really mind if I passed or not – it wouldn’t really change anything for me or my career either way. I went on the course so that I can learn a little more about Trademarks and to be able to hold a conversation about them and know what my trademark clients are talking about when I see them at various events.

Yet it still felt like I was back at school when the results came through the post and I tore open the envelope scanning the page to see either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ or a number that was over or below 60 to indicate if I had passed or not.

I have passed, and the result was better than I had anticipated.

Shame I can’t really remember anything from the course a few months on though.


August 23, 2007 Leave a Comment

For those caring to visit from John Cow…I don’t wish for you to be disappointed. Here’s a cow image that a friend did for me a while ago…it’s a cartoon take on an image that’s been on the net for a while…but we’re all copycats to some degree aren’t we John 😉


Web site design

August 23, 2007 2 Comments

I’ve often thought in the past that I should make a little money out of designing websites for small companies, but have always shied away from doing so. Even when someone has come to me and asked me to do it, I’ve always said no – for free or for payment.

Perhaps I don’t have enough confidence in myself to sell something I create, or to be able to design something that has to be liked by someone else. Whenever I do create a site it’s normally for myself or a friend, and normally something which I personally like the look of – not creating for someone else. The nearest I came to designing for others was when I did custom diaryland designs for a few people. Sure the people I did the work for seemed to really like what I did – but blog people are fickle and seemed to move on quickly to another theme. I haven’t bothered creating them for wordpress as there are so many good ones out there that do the job better than I could.

Yet, there are so many people out there on the internet that are making money from creating websites which, to be honest, I think I certainly could do better than them.

I hate to name and shame, but I will anyway. Here’s a website I found earlier belonging to a guy who is selling a basic website for £500.

To me the actual designers website just looks amateurish and would not impress me enough to consult them in an attempt to create my business presence in an online world. Then again, if I was a small business that knew it was best to get on the internet, but didn’t have a clue how, a clue what I wanted my website to do or what the options are, perhaps I would pay £500 for a site from someone random.

The thing that bothers me most about this site is that they don’t show a portfolio of any other sites they have created. As a designer you should be proud of your work and willing to show the diversity of what you can do, and to give a potential client a feel for what you are capable of.

I did find another site designed by this person. It’s not great, but to be honest I like it more than the designers own site – it seems to be more subtle, and minimal. I do like white.

Now Leonard, if you happen to look at your stats page or do a Google search and find yourself on this blog, please rise above the fact I am openly stating my dislike for your work. I admire anyone that can go ahead and make money from personal ventures such as this, so I applaud you if you have sold just one site design and made cash from it – as it’s something I’ve never done, and nowadays I tend to use pre-written CMS systems and designs for my needs.

I do, however, often go back over things I designed years ago when I first learnt about the internet. At the time I thought ‘I am a god, this is amazing, look at what I can do. I will own the internet tomorrow!’ – and with hindsight I often just say to myself ‘so…you thought that was good?’.

Imagine, if you will, a child colouring in a picture of an elephant in a zoo and going out of the lines a lot and quote proud of the fact the elephant is green with a purple trunk; as a teenager that child may look back on the drawing and realise just how bad it really is.

Still, the child isn’t making money out of it – whereas these web designers are and for some reason that annoys me a little. Probably because I’m not doing so myself – but then I know I’m not good enough, regardless of how much better than some other people I may be. I would have serious moral issues with charging someone £500 for something that wasn’t great.

Rant over – I’m off to search for more examples of bad web designers. There are plenty out there.

5 Games I’m looking forward to in 2007

August 19, 2007 5 Comments

It’s nearing the end of August and there are going to be a lot of games released between now and Christmas which is great for us gamers, but not so great for the bank balance or social life.

Nowadays a game will cost you £40 or £50 in the shops, with about £10 off the RRP if you get it online through the likes of…so you sometimes have to be careful about which games you do and don’t buy. There are, of course, some games which you simply must have and the following are in that category. If I was only allowed to buy 5 more games this year – these would be them. All games are on either the PS3 or Wii, it seems I have enough PSP games to be getting on with.

Release dates are taken from and/or and are therefore subject to change; some clips are from other video game formats.

5) Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis (Nintendo Wii)
by Rockstar Games – Release date: 26th October 2007

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis

The Xbox 360 version of this game won the acclaim of ‘Best Sports Title’ at the 2006 E3 show, so I’m very much looking forward to the fact it is coming to the Wii this year.

Developers have now had the chance to fully utilise the motion sensors in the Wii remote so I’m hoping this title will have a strong and accurate response rate so that it’s as good as holding an actual table tennis paddle. Wii Sports Tennis was good, but they made you play doubles due to (I guess) not knowing how to allow the player to run around the court. Table Tennis is perfect to allow single players without having to run back and forth, so you can concentrate solely on accuracy, power and spin. Can there be a game better designed for the Wiimote?

Steve beats me everytime we play this in real life, so I’m hoping I can now finally beat him at it. I wonder if they will be releasing Fußball at any time soon?

4) Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (Sony Playstation 3)
by Eidos Interactive – Release date: 9th November 2007

Eidos gave us the excellent Hitman series which is one of my favourite sets of games, and now they look set to start on another franchise with Kane & Lynch. I guess this is a cross in some ways between Hitman and Freedom Fighters in that it’s a third person shooter with squad elements. One aspect I do like is the fact there are 2 lead characters, so you can play in the standard one player mode – or bring a friend into the action to assist (or hinder depending on how good they are). With Hitman two players just had to pass the control pad back and forth to take individual turns.

This video shows some of the gameplay:

Hitman started showing how well developers were handling crowd interaction within games, so I would be interested to see how this has progressed with Kane & Lynch – I understand there’s a nifty nightclub scene which should highlight the crowd response nicely.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

3) Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii)
by Nintendo – Release date: 30th November 2007 ( or 5th October 2007 (

Super Mario Galaxy

It was odd to see the Nintendo Wii being released without a shiny new Mario game to go with it, so let’s hope the long wait for this title has been worth it. Footage has been around for over a year now, and it really does look like playing this would mess with your mind a little.

I was always a reluctant follower of the Mario games. Perhaps it was because I was a Sega kid growing up that my loyalties lay with Sonic the Hedgehog, but whenever I was placed in front of a Mario game I didn’t really want to like it. I did, of course, love them, and completed several of the earlier ones along with the fantastic Mario 64. That’s why I’m going to embrace this one and hope it’s got as great gameplay as the other ones had…I’m sure it will.

Other Mario releases I’m looking forward to are Super Paper Mario and the Wii version of Super Mario Kart.

2) Fifa 08 (Sony Playstation 3)
by Electronic Arts – Release date: 28th September 2007

Fifa 2008

Every year I buy the latest version of the FIFA game, and every year it’s one of the titles I look forward to the most. FIFA 2007 was, and still is, fantastic – so much so that it actually took over from Pro Evolution Soccer as the best football simulation. That’s why I’m very much looking forward to the latest version, especially as it’ll now be on the Playstation 3.

I hope to see the Management mode in the similar style as last year – no doubt with a few additions to make it even bigger and better. The same team who took over FIFA 07 is in charge again so they won’t have to work on a whole new ball dynamics engine (which was why there was such a huge difference between ’06 and ’07 versions) – which means for this release they can just work on the solid foundations that they already have.

Fifa 2008

A few things I’m hoping they have for FIFA 2008:

Interactive goal keeping. i.e. A Goalkeep that can be fouled and injured.
Interactive Referee. I want to see him on the pitch, and get in the way of the ball every now and then.
45 minute halves. Real time football for those crazy moments of boredom.
Transfer updates. Ability to update the teams for the different transfer fixtures without the changes over riding a custom team that you’re using in management mode. Ideally there would be weekly updates automatically to take into account real life injuries, but I think they’re working on that for the future.

I’m also interested in seeing how the ‘Be A Pro’ feature is going to work. This is something EA are working on between now and 2010 so that you can play as just one player in a team. Online this may be quite good, as you can have 11 vs 11 online, and this is meant to lead up to having two teams of 22 players contesting virtually at the FIFA World cup…should be fun.

Fifa 2008

1) Assassin’s Creed (Sony Playstation 3)
by Ubisoft Montreal – Release date: 9th November 2007

I’m not too sure why this game has me so excited, as I have only seen very limited screenshots or videos of it. Yet this is the one game I am waiting for in 2007, and a little bit of me is annoyed that I am away for the week when this is released so I won’t be able to spend the first weekend playing it.

Altair - Assassin’s Creed

The first thing that struck me about the game is the sheer interaction between the lead character and his surroundings. The developers claim that anything that stands out more than two inches from it’s surroundings will be interactive, which means pretty much anything goes when it comes to navigating the landscape. Also, rather than the usual ‘run up to a wall and press X to climb it’ movement, the actions your character takes will differ depending on the buttons pressed. Think of fighting games whereas pressing a button for your legs will kick an opponent, and a button for your arms will punch an opponent, in Assassin’s Creed you get the same buttons controlling body parts to decide if will step onto a beam or swing from a beam, jump up a wall or vault it, and so on.

Here’s a gameplay demo for it…and remember what I said about crowd interaction earlier? This seems to do the job very well:

I’m a fan of both Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell which are other Ubi creations, and PoP was extremely fluid over the last few outings, along with allowing the player to interact a little bit with the scenery (running across walls mostly). This looks to take things one step further and, further to that, appears as if it does it well. All of this along with the fact you’re an assassin – what more could a guy need?

Assassin’s Creed

So, I think from the above it looks like FIFA 2008 will have the longevity of all of the games; it should last a year until FIFA 2009 comes out, whereas the others look as if they will certainly only give a few months of constant gameplay before they are completed or discarded for something shinier.

Assassin’s Creed is certainly the sexiest looking of the bunch, and the one that I have most been looking forward to from the very few clips I have seen. It’s just a shame it’s released not only in the week I’m away, but at the same time as Kane & Lynch which means one will have to sit on the sidelines for a short amout of time whilst the other one gets my attention.

Spider Piglet

August 17, 2007 11 Comments

Spider Pig An Australian father-to-be has claimed he will name his unborn child ‘Spider Pig’ if he gets 100,000 people signing up to his facebook group.

I’m sure it started out as a joke and has gone a little too far, but if this guy is serious then I’m really not sure if he’s ready to be a parent. Not that I can really judge someone’s parenting abilities based just on what they name their child – but geez.

I wonder if he will go through with it when he inevitably gets the number of required signees? If he does, he’ll hopefully name the child something such as ‘Spider Pig David Young’ so that the child can at least use a name that’s not going to get him beaten up at school.

What is it with crazy baby names this week?

Sony Playstation 3 Giveaway

August 15, 2007 4 Comments

Post Summary:
Be one of the first 13 people to sign up and as my referral and ‘go green’ to using this link:

and if I get the PS3 from them you will go into a draw to win that PS3. You therefore have a 1 in 13 chance of getting it!

Interested – Read on…
I recently found the site and signed up to it so that I can see what it’s about, and they state if you refer 13 people to the site, and they sign up and complete an offer, then you will receive a Playstation 3.

After my initial ‘scam’ perception my first thought was along the lines of ‘how can they stop you paying 13 friends £5 to sign up?’, and thus you would get the PS3 for £65 or so (depending on the offer you complete). I assume their fraud checks would sort this out.

Then I took a look around the web and saw several other places set up using their referral links and stating that if you sign up and recommend friends you too can get a free PS3…but that’s not as easy as it may seem. You sign up, and you then have to have several other people use your referral link to sign up – in the mean time the place where you clicked from is using your credit and you get nothing back from them. My sign up cost £5 (I did the one for Coral Bet, and then lost that £5 betting on Dundee United winning a game 2-0 – great odds, obviously). If I don’t make 13 referrals, that’s all profit. If I deposit more money with Coral, they’re even happier.


My proposal with this post is that you use my referral link to sign up for this offer and, if you do so and I am sent a free Playstation 3, I will give it away to one of the 13 people who first used my referral link and went ‘green’. You’re welcome to continue in your attempts to get a PS3 by referring people to your own link, of course, but this gives you one extra chance to be a winner and to get a Playstation 3 for next to nothing.

Why am I doing this?
I’ve always been a little skeptical about these things actually working and would like to find out one way or the other as to whether these offers are legitimate.

I already own a Playstation 3 so although I would love to get another and sell it on eBay, I doubt very much I could convince 13 friends to sign up for this service.

What do I get out of this?

Not much really, and I’ll end up making a loss. Playstation 3s are actually quite hefty machines and I have no idea how much it will cost to send by recorded delivery (I may give anyone who wins the option to send me a paypal contribution for this under an ‘honor’ system).

I’m already £5 down for signing up to one of the offers myself.

I might get a few more readers, I guess, if someone comes along and likes what they read here. Otherwise I get the satisfaction of knowing once and for all whether or not these things do work.

What’s to stop me from keeping the PS3, or stating that it never arrived in the first place?
Nothing really. You have to have some degree of trust, or gamble, for signing up to these things in the first place. I guess you should just go one step further to question whether or not you trust me. If in doubt, don’t sign up.

Onto the annoying stuff.
The website has terms and conditions that you have to adhere to, so of course you have to agree and stick to those. One of them is that you should be based in the UK – so that’s also one of my requirements. I know that I’m in the UK and I’ll be the one receiving the PS3 in the first instance, but I really don’t want to post it too far due to the weight and cost. Plus, you shouldn’t be signing up to their site anyway if you’re not in the UK.

You sign up and use my referral link at your own risk. I cannot guarantee that I will receive a PS3 and so cannot guarantee that I will be able to give one away. If and when I do give one away I don’t see how I can stop anyone from complaining or saying it’s fixed. My decision is final as far as who gets it, as is the method I choose to randomise the selection process. I also can’t guarantee that the person who does receive it will turn around and say that it was delivered to the wrong place – which means if I announce the winner and they state they don’t receive it, I’m not going to provide a replacement. I’m in London so you can collect it from me if you win and don’t wish to have me post it.

What happens if you sign up and I don’t get 12 others?

Then I don’t get a PS3 and I can’t send it on to anyone. Why not link to this post and encourage others to sign up?

Here’s a link to a BBC news item which looks to be a few years old and was about the free iPod deals which ran under the same system.

Here’s my interaction with the website asking if I would be able to do this:

Dear Sirs,

I have signed up for this giveaway and completed my offer, which leaves me with 13 referrals to now try and get.

I already have a playstation 3, and was wondering what your terms were for offering this giveaway as a prize?

That is, I wanted to offer readers of my blog a 1 in 13 chance of winning a playstation 3 – they would sign up to this service via my referral link and complete an offer. They would then confirm to me their details and the offer completion, and after 13 people have completed and I receive the playstation 3, I then do a prize draw to see who receives it before shipping it to them.

I am hoping you may first confirm if this is acceptable or not, and secondly (if it is acceptable) if there is a way for me to see details of my referrals so I can validate those who sign up.

Many thanks


and their response

Cherie – Support

Hi Mike,

This is fine. Although we if you could send us a link to your blog so that we can see how it goes.

As far as the referrals personal details. You will be able see their email address, User ID and whether or not they have completed an offer. Because of our Privacy Policy we wouldn’t be able to give you any other info, but you could enquire through your blog.

Just a note: keep in mind you (and your referrals) will need to stay withen the Term’s & Condition’s of our site.

New correspondence 15th August 2007:

Hi Cherie,

Thank you for such a prompt response. I have posted this in my blog –

Please let me know if you feel any of the post is in breech of your terms and conditions and would affect the outcome and I will amend the post as necessary.




Hi Mike,

Your blog looks great and I don’t see anything that breach’s our T&C’s at this time. I make one suggestion….

You mentioned that you would give the PS3 to one of the first 13 people that use your referral link. I would suggest that you change that to the first 13 people who go “green” (meaning they completed the offers successfully). This way if a few people do not complete the requirements correctly they are not eligible for your contest.

That was just a suggestion. Good luck with your competition!

Kind Regards, Cherie

As a result of this I have slightly edited the post to include ‘go green’ in a few places.

I’ll provide updates to the status below as and when people sign up so you know how close we are to getting one.

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PS3 Status

Enough talk – sign me up

Firstly you need to click on the link below to go to the website.
Follow their instructions for signing up and completing an offer. You must be one of the first 13 people to ‘go green’ by completing an offer.

Once this is done, come back and leave a comment stating that you have done this so that I can go see if you are one of my referrals.

Please use your same email address when leaving a comment as you did when completing the offer so that I can compare.

I’ll then be in touch with you via email to confirm and to open up the lines of communication with us in case you’re the one who receives the PS3 at the end of all of this.

Use the comments below, my contact page or email me at michael @

Final Note
I’m sending a link to this post to the guys who run the promotion as per the request from Cherie above. If I need to change any of the above information in light of their response, I will do so and announce here.

Tuesday Cuteness

August 14, 2007 413 Comments

Two photos to make you wet yourself with awww-ness:

Image below from fightshatner’s Photobucket

Mortal Wombat

Image below from
Flower sniffin’

And this one more of an eww…

How to break up a catfight

The Top 5 most irritating game shows to watch

August 13, 2007 10 Comments

I love game shows, and will watch most drivel that’s put on in front of me. My favourite ones are those which ask general knowledge questions such as the fantastic 15 to 1 and, to a lesser extent, University Challenge (but only as the questions are much harder).

However, there are some game shows that are just irritating to watch. Most of the time the format of the show is fine, but the combination of stupid contestants and often easy answers results in the viewer shouting obscenities at the television, wondering how such a muppet could have lasted so long in life, let alone found their way to the television studio.

At the end of the day, it’s because we all sit in front of the television watching them with one thought on our minds – “I would do much better than that twit if I was on this show”.

So here’s my countdown of the top 5 most irritating game shows to watch (introduced in the style of Bullseye‘s Tony Green).

“iiin 5” Catchphrase

The point of this show was to guess the phrase that was coming up on screen – like an animated ‘dingbats’ or ‘charades’. The show was presented by Irishman Roy Walker who had a sleezy smile and evil glint in his eye, and coined those wonderful terms ‘Say what you see’ and ‘It’s the ready money round’. The mascot for the show was Mr Chips, a yellow robotesque figure who would often look like he was wanking off a dog or killing someone with a kitchen utensil until the final square on the board disappeared to show he was in fact acting out ‘Man’s best friend’ or ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’.

Just say what you see
Hand Job
answer: Holding down a job

The show is frustrating in part due to Roy Walker, but mostly due to the images being either too difficult to get, or extremely obvious but the contestants not having a clue.

“iiin 4” Bullseye

It had to be in here, and let’s get this straight from the start – nobody watched this show for the darts, and I doubt anybody thought it would be a great idea to enter for it whilst they were sober. This show featured 3 teams of 2, one of who was a ‘darts player’ and the other being whoever they could drag to the set to answer questions.

Like Catchphrase, this show also had a mascot – Bully the Bull. He was great and would appear throughout the show moo-ing if you got something incorrect or ran out of time…though they may as well have had him sat there laughing at the idiots who can’t spell the simplest of words (go ahead and find the typos in this post, I can take it).


Host Jim Bowen was the main cause of frustration in this show, due to the fact he’s not a very funny comedian. Added to this the contestants who are dragged from under their rocks in the depths of middle England and have no character whatsoever and you get excruciating television. There’s the usual bad answers to easy questions and the worst prizes in television show history (“Look at what you could have won!” – what…that kinder egg toy?)

The top prize was often a car, caravan or speedboat – and you can guarantee there would be arguments about who would have kept the prize (no, you have it) when it was won because everybody on the show were friends who had met at the pub. Two scooters would have been more ideal.

“iiin 3” Who wants to be a Millionaire

Yes, we know ‘it’s only easy if you know the answer’ – but some people are just stupid.

An elephant the size of the moon

Most contestants on this show are fine, and they go through their life lines and get a bit of money and you answer questions along with them until they get knocked out on questions you don’t know the answer to anyway.

However, you will often come across one individual that must have slipped during the fastest finger first round and managed to make their way to the chair, and when you do the only thing that is more frustrating than their inability to answer simple questions is the fact they may accidentally get it right and end up with money they surely don’t deserve.

Video highlighting international muppetry

The Majority of French People Are Dumb – Watch more free videos

“iiin 2” Wheel of Fortune
Hangman with bright lights and a big wheel.

Another show that has more than it’s equal share of dumb contestants who simply can’t grasp what words are.

Originally the UK show was presented by likable Nicky Campbell and wasn’t all that bad. He was a decent enough presenter, and we can forgive the fact the show gave rise to the fame of Smilie Smilie Carol Smilie. Yet there were times when you just left wondering how the contestants can miss such obviousness, a feeling that was amplified if you ever got to see a US version of the show.

After Nicky Campbell left it went downhill very quickly. Bradley ‘It’s a puppet’ Walsh took over to offer a lot of cheese and innuendo to the show, and he was followed a year later by John ‘insert your own comments here’ Leslie, sidekicked by an equally bad Jenny Powell.

Sure, it’s annoying when you can obviously see what the word is and they guess letters like ‘z’ which won’t fit anywhere at all, or in the cases above when it is so obvious what the words are, but the thing that projects this show to the forefront of annoyance is the audience who do nothing but clap all the way through.

clap say hello clap look at the wheel clap it’s a phrase clap spin the wheel clap letter T clap 1 letter T clap spin the wheel clap – it’s crazy how much clapping goes on in there, and I’m sure the audience can’t have much skin left on their palms by the end of it all.

I never noticed this originally until someone had pointed it out to me, and now it’s the only thing I can think about if I watch it…kind of like when someone mentioned Jeremy Beadle had one had smaller than the other – never noticed that until it was told, and now that’s all I can see whenever he’s presenting something.

“iiin 1” (or should that be “and Bully’s special prize…”?) The Crystal Maze
Slaphead Richard O’Brian presented this popular show which combines a team of witless contestants with challenges that are based around puzzles and fall into categories such as mystery, logical and physical.

Crystal Maze

The hand eye co-ordination of some of these people is unbelievable, and makes you question how they manage to get dressed in the mornings. Combine this with their inability to do tasks that a 2 year old does means you’re shouting at the television in agony (No you fucking idiot – put the triangle in the triangle shaped hole!) as the team fail to gain a crystal time after time, or use the few that they do manage to accidentally retrieve on ‘freeing’ their hapless team mates who are to slow to comprehend time and how doors work as they get locked into room after room.

Public muppet #1

I was never sure what the actual prize was at the end of the day once the contestants collected ‘gold tokens’ from inside a wind machine, because all the contestants ever seemed to take home with them was a crappy ‘crystal ball’ and a newly established lack of self esteem.

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