Hanson – Now with facial hair

July 30, 2007

It was ten years ago when Hanson first came into our lives with the wonderful summertime track of ‘MMMbop’.

Here they were then…fresh faced and innocent I’m sure, with their combined age of 40.

Hanson then
Hanson then

They’ve grown up now though…and I saw an interview with the ‘leader’ of the group last year and he was anything but innocent. Full of cussing and innuendo and such…quite funny though.

Hanson Now
Hanson now

Now, I’m not saying that they’re a great band…as they’re not. Saying that, I have only ever heard their singles…and must admit to liking two of them. MMMbop being the first, and second is one from their second album where they are racing quad bikes in the video….not sure what it’s called.

However, I must give them credit for the actual fact they write their own songs and play their own instruments, and here they are ten years on – still making their own music; that’s a heck of a lot more than most of the manufactured bands over the last decade are doing. So well done to them for that.


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    yall are awsome

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