Hanson – Now with facial hair

July 30, 2007 1 Comment

It was ten years ago when Hanson first came into our lives with the wonderful summertime track of ‘MMMbop’.

Here they were then…fresh faced and innocent I’m sure, with their combined age of 40.

Hanson then
Hanson then

They’ve grown up now though…and I saw an interview with the ‘leader’ of the group last year and he was anything but innocent. Full of cussing and innuendo and such…quite funny though.

Hanson Now
Hanson now

Now, I’m not saying that they’re a great band…as they’re not. Saying that, I have only ever heard their singles…and must admit to liking two of them. MMMbop being the first, and second is one from their second album where they are racing quad bikes in the video….not sure what it’s called.

However, I must give them credit for the actual fact they write their own songs and play their own instruments, and here they are ten years on – still making their own music; that’s a heck of a lot more than most of the manufactured bands over the last decade are doing. So well done to them for that.

Snuff said

July 25, 2007 Leave a Comment

I’ve been invited to a snuff night in a bar/restaurant tomorrow.

My first thought was obviously that it would be a real-life murder mystery night whereby one unlucky punter gets killed off, and the rest of us at the party try and figure out who did it.

Alas, nothing that exciting, merely a night of whiskey tasting and sampling of snuff (50 different kinds).

They surely could have picked a better name for it though, rather than snuff night. They’ve recently opened and I was invited to one of their cocktail nights too, and seem to remember that had an unusual name (probably ‘free cocks’ or something).

I just imagine some marketing guy sitting at his desk making these up and thinking how much of a witty genius he is.

He isn’t, he’s a bit of a muppet. Though he does get the honour of this post, which I wanted to write in order to push the vibrator image a little further down the page. His mother will be so proud.

Rampant Rabbits

July 19, 2007 6 Comments

There’s a huge queue in the street outside, as many women – and a few men – are eagerly awaiting the launch of the “Rampant Rabbit Wave” from Ann Summers.

Rampant Rabbit Wave

Here’s the start of the queue, and there’s one very dodgy looking guy further up that’s not in this image – the queue is about 6 shop fronts long at the moment, and getting longer.


My favourite part of the page linked above is when you scroll down to see the items that people purchased along with the rabbit. Very amusing.

Also purchased…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 17, 2007 7 Comments

I’ve just read Chapter 1 of the latest Harry Potter book, and am very much looking forward to it being released over the weekend.

It’s available as an ‘ebook’ to download from various places on the internet, but rather than an actual ebook, some guy has managed to steal a copy of it and thought he had nothing better to do with his Monday evening than sit on the floor and take a photo of each and every page.

Still…I guess if he has nothing better to do.

HP Page 1

The quality of the photographs, lighting (or at least reflections from the camera flash), and the angle of the pages makes it quite a difficult read; so much so that I will not be reading past Chapter 1 and will, instead, await Saturday when it’s released.

Still, I’m sure there are some fans who will spend the next few evenings pouring over them so that they can read it fully before the release.

I’m glad it’s the last one.

Ebuyer let me down

July 17, 2007 3 Comments

I’ve been using Ebuyer.com for years now, and I order pretty much all of my PC stuff from their site due to the cost and the efficiency. So, when I bought my Playstation 3 a couple of weeks ago I turned to Ebuyer for a shiny new 32″ HD flatscreen where I was able to order a well known brand for a reasonable cost.

The problem started when I couldn’t use the company credit card on my account, so had to create a brand new account just to use that card.

There were 7 items in stock when I ordered it and a TV stand, and so I was expecting delivery on Monday. The item was allocated to my order from Warehouse 1 and all I had to do was sit and wait…or so I thought.

On Friday the item suddenly appeared as ‘unallocated’ on my order, and the TV was out of stock on their site. I wrote to them to ask why, and they said there was an error with processing and that it had been resolved. I checked on Sunday and it was unallocated again. So Monday I wrote, they reallocated and the stock on the website was up to 5 – possibly restocked then?

Last night it had returned to the ‘unallocated’ status, and I finally received a note this morning saying the TV was out of stock and my order would not be completed.

I can handle it when systems screw up – it’s part of life. What I don’t handle very well is a lack of explanation or apology, which I had to eventually drag from them. When the TV was re-listed as being in stock on the Monday it had a lower price and part of my message was asking if the difference would be refunded – as I could have effectively ordered the TV on Monday for lower cost (the difference was only £4, but that’s not the point). No response to that though.

So in the end I’ve told them to forget it, to refund the card and to recall the TV stand (which is on its way) which I will not accept delivery of, as it’s pointless to have the stand without the TV – and I don’t even have a goldfish bowl to put on it.

It’s the first time they’ve let me down really, so I’ll probably give them a chance to redeem themselves in the future. They could have handled it a lot better though and been a) more forthcoming with information, b) more apologetic and c) more concerned about the customer being satisfied.

The Prince and the Paper

July 16, 2007 Leave a Comment

Further to Karl’s post on the wonderfulness that is The Daily Mail, it reminded me of the fact they were giving away the brand new, not yet released, Prince/Symbol/Bambi on Testosterone album for free yesterday. Yet another reason not to buy the newspaper then!

I’m all one for free music, of course, and like the fact he has done this and is going to give out free copies at his gigs. Though I too don’t think that it should be counted in the UK charts – it’s newspaper sales you idiots, not CD sales. They can’t say the same amount of people would buy the album if it was released in the shops, nor can they say everyone who purchased the newspaper did so for the album.

Prince                     Bambi
Prince Bambi

Game Giveaway

July 11, 2007 5 Comments

Stephen Fung is giving away a copy of NBA 2007 as well a few other things to charity.

This post servers as an entry to win that competition, but also to raise awareness of it.

My PC isn’t very good for running games…especially up to date ones, so should I happen to win I will also be donating it back to some charitable cause (possible by way of a forum contest, possibly just by the act of giving) – and to ensure I don’t go without, I’ll just buy the NBA 2007 game on the PS3 instead.


No Smoking

July 3, 2007 Leave a Comment

No SmokingI’m glad that there is now a ‘no smoking’ ban in effect in England, though to be honest I think the introduction of this has had more of an effect on me than when it was allowed.

I used to go to the pub and expect to come out smelling of smoke. It’s the price you pay for a night out really, and I was always more than willing to participate. Now, however, I go out and expect it to be smoke free…which is true – on the inside. As soon as you step out of the pub, though, you have to fight your way past a group of smokers huddling in the entrance attempting to stay off the premises but still protected from the rain and so you end up getting grunts of annoyance and a plume of smoke in the face as you attempt to weave your way through them – most disagreeable.

And then we have the signage! My word how strict can you be? It’s now the law for every workplace to have a no smoking sign displayed or else face a fine of, I think, up to £1000. In my life I have seen about 3 people smoking on buses, and 1 person on the platform of an underground station – very few numbers for the amount of people I see in these locations. I have never, in my life, seen anyone smoking in an office, or a bookstore, or a library. Ever! Yet, these places now also have to display the signs so that people are aware of the fact you are not allowed to smoke. I think anybody stupid enough to light up in these places would still do so whether or not a sign was there – like the four people on the public transport mentioned earlier. The sign is simply not going to effect them. So now I have to see the no smoking sign up in my own office because ‘it’s the law’ – how stupid.

Everyone knows you’re not allowed to smoke in enclosed public spaces now…it’s not as if they’re going to suddenly light one up as soon as they step into my office now is it?

If you work from home you’re even meant to have a sign up in the room that is your ‘working space’ if you have people visiting that space for work purposes.

As mentioned, I’m pleased with the ban – but there certainly are things about it that I could do without.