Cash Games

June 13, 2007

I don’t often play cash poker games online. Most of my time is spent playing sit and go or multi table tournaments. Cash games to me have never been profitable and I will really only play when playing live games, and after the tournaments have ended.

However, I was checking out some of my old poker accounts the other day, and after opening up the Ladbrokes software found that I had $110 in my account…time to blow this or make a worthwhile bankroll to play with or withdraw. So I went to a $0.50/$1 table with $100, although am still unsure why I made this decision instead of going for tournaments. It was quite late at night, and I wanted to play before going to bed – so 30 minutes later I stopped and was $80 up with $192 in my account.

Yesterday I got home from work quite late and again wanted to play to relax so I sat at the $1/$2 tables with $150 and after an hour stopped playing with just over $300 in my account.

Today I’m at home revising, so have just played a game to relax a little and take a break from the studies, and so put $200 on the $1/$2 table. 10 minutes into the game I was $100 down – in my defense I went in with the best hand with QJ on a board of 237J and got called by a guy with AK who hit a king on the river. 20 minutes later I have won $200, taking me $100 in profit.

So as it stands I now have $450 in my account – but although I’m playing well, getting (some) cards and have quadrupled my money, I’m not enjoying it as much as if I was playing a tournament. Cash games are where the ‘real money’ is…unless you get lucky and win a huge tournament, and I probably have to agree with this. I won a live tournament earlier this year which gave me £700 first prize – and this probably breaks me even for the money I spent getting that win. Cash games do allow you to grind it out and make a profit – but I find them less enjoyable. As such, I tend to get impatient with them – play them incorrectly and lose money.

Poker is a hobby to me, and something I do for fun. Which means part of me just wants to take the cash I have now and play tournaments, which I find more exciting and more of a challenge. It’s only a very small part of me that wants to continue with the cash games as I feel it’s easier to make the money doing that – as long as I don’t get too bored. Tournaments at the same time seem safer, as you invest a lump sum and no more. If you buy in to a $50 tournament, you’re going to win money, or lose $50. Cash games aren’t so predictable as you can always top up. It’s great winning a few pots and seeing that you’ve just won £100 or £200 in one hand….but then you can easily play badly, or get unlucky, and lose £300 on the hand after that. Swings and roundabouts. Having runs like that though can really screw with your head. Tournaments allow you to control what is lost, and relish a win when it happens.

I might see if I can work this up to $1k and then buy a Playstation 3.

(as I was typing this I’ve lost another $50, and managed to win a rubbish pot of just $23 with quad nines. pft)


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