Roshambo 1 – Poker 0

April 26, 2007

Those who know me will know that I love to play poker.

Sit me down in a room with a deck of cards and a few people and I’m happy to play, even better if it’s for money.

Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, and a variety of ‘filth’ games – many of which are made up – I could sit and play for days on end; I often have.

Online or live – I love both.

I’ve dabbled in playing Backgammon for cash online too, and chess for cash live – along with pool (obviously, such a mis-spent youth).

Now however, I’ve found something which puts all of that to shame. Something that’s so good it’s worth bettiing lots of money on, especially with the skillful edge you have to manipulate your opponent and earn lots of profit.

For those who are paying attention, and reading the title of this post, you will know that this golden egg laying goose I’ve discovered is Roshambo, which Ultimate Bet have started to offer.


For the uneducated, Roshambo is the wonderful game some people would call ‘rock, paper, scissors’. The fact you can now play it online for cold hard cash is a wonderful thing, and should be encouraged. No longer will you have to be content with playing just to see who buys the pint, or does the washing up, or goes and buys the condoms from the chemist (well…why did you ever play it in your teens?).

We now get to play it for the rent money.


As mentioned, it requires a lot of skill though…ahem.


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