2 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master

April 15, 2007

Poker Gold Yesterday I was playing poker, game 8 of 9 in an annual league and the last chance to get valuable points which turn into chips for next month’s finale.

I played well for the first few hours, and then things went wrong when I played a pair of tens against someone who I thought was weak, and lost half of my chip stack (he put them to good use, and went on to win the game).

A couple of hours after that hand and I was knocked out without picking up anymore points, so my 5th place in the leaderboard is likely to fall to 7th or 8th. Luckily most of the people that were in the top 10 prior to that game also failed to make the points.

I went online whilst waiting for a cash game to start, and turned£50 into £150 within a few hours, so that paid for the day and a bit of profit – and then I came home via the last train, as I was shattered.

I’m playing well lately, and have just put aside a cash deposit for rent on a new flat when we move. Importantly I also know exactly where I went wrong yesterday – I just need to plug that gap to ensure it doesn’t keep happening.

The last game in the league is next month, and with the points I have I’ll probably start with an extra 3000-4000 over the normal starting stack. I doubt I will finish first, as I will need to win the event to do so, and hope others do badly, but a final table appearance would be good.


6 Responses to “2 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master”

  1. Wavatar mightyshortadam on April 16th, 2007 12:48 am

    When “we” move? Has murphyz found himself a partner?!

  2. Wavatar murphyz on April 16th, 2007 12:06 pm

    Maybe yes, maybe no ;o)

    The ‘we’ in this though, is actually my housemate – sharing in London just has to be done.


  3. Wavatar londonarab on April 16th, 2007 6:04 pm

    Yeah make it sound like a chore, cheers :op Sxx

  4. Wavatar tenderhooligan on April 19th, 2007 12:20 pm

    Poor Steve! 😉

  5. Wavatar Mik on April 19th, 2007 5:15 pm

    We’re going to start to think of you as an old married couple. I trust the new address will be emailed, yes? When’s the move taking place, May?

  6. Wavatar murphyz on April 19th, 2007 5:31 pm

    May indeed…not long now.


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