New Home

April 28, 2007 9 Comments

We signed the tenancy agreement last night, which means we officially have a new place to live as of 3rd May which is when we get the keys. The agreement on the present place runs out on the 22nd, which gives a huge overlap allowing us to get arranged and everything moved.

The new place is in E2, which means I can walk to and from work should I so desire (45 min walk door to door) – or just 15-20 minutes on the bus. It also means a taxi home after a night out would cost something like £8 instead of £40…which is always nice.

We have the second floor of the building on the left in this image (the one with the road works outside, from whenever this photo was taken).

Arnold Circus

This roundabout is called Arnold Circus…and there’s a sign on the outside clearly stating there are no elephants in this circus…which is disappointing.


It’s in the Shoreditch/Hoxton area, which is packed full to the brim with bars and restaurants – which we will have to spend some time checking out. I’ve already been to a pub selling Belgium beer – though £4.60 for a pint of Hoegaarden is disappointing. We next need to go to The Elbow Room (photos), as well as Bar Kick to get our fix of pool and table football.

I also have a 20 minute or so walk to The Gutshot where I can now get to and from very easily for my poker fix. Hurrah.

Photos above found in google, and taken from and

In response to my earlier post…

April 26, 2007 5 Comments

I was wondering in the Alias post how television companies try and recruit people for their shows, when I noticed one of the google adsense ads on this site was actually for just that:

TV Ads

That answers that question then – they just buy google adverts and target their ads at people who talk a bit about television in the vain hope that it’s of interest.

I also assume it’s clever enough to only display the advert if the web user is from the UK – and that anyone from the USA, Norway or Iran (all of which I receive hits for) will get served different ads which are more relevant. Heck, that’s why they’re targetted adverts, right?

Roshambo 1 – Poker 0

April 26, 2007 Leave a Comment

Those who know me will know that I love to play poker.

Sit me down in a room with a deck of cards and a few people and I’m happy to play, even better if it’s for money.

Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, and a variety of ‘filth’ games – many of which are made up – I could sit and play for days on end; I often have.

Online or live – I love both.

I’ve dabbled in playing Backgammon for cash online too, and chess for cash live – along with pool (obviously, such a mis-spent youth).

Now however, I’ve found something which puts all of that to shame. Something that’s so good it’s worth bettiing lots of money on, especially with the skillful edge you have to manipulate your opponent and earn lots of profit.

For those who are paying attention, and reading the title of this post, you will know that this golden egg laying goose I’ve discovered is Roshambo, which Ultimate Bet have started to offer.


For the uneducated, Roshambo is the wonderful game some people would call ‘rock, paper, scissors’. The fact you can now play it online for cold hard cash is a wonderful thing, and should be encouraged. No longer will you have to be content with playing just to see who buys the pint, or does the washing up, or goes and buys the condoms from the chemist (well…why did you ever play it in your teens?).

We now get to play it for the rent money.


As mentioned, it requires a lot of skill though…ahem.


April 25, 2007 4 Comments

Nope, not a post about the J.J. ‘Lost’ Abrams TV series, starring the lovely Jennifer Garner in a variety of different outfits.

I have an online alias.

Sure, murphyz isn’t my real name, but it’s close to it and it only came about as, many years ago, I wanted to register a domain name and my surname was already taken under – so I added a ‘z’ to it and it became murphyz ( is actually now for sale at £2,000 – I’m debating if it is worth it, but thinking not).

However, this year I started a little online project which is being kept hush hush and I started to use an alias so that it’s separate from me (I’ve actually had a few aliases (aliaii?) – whatever the plural of alias is – lately, but I’m thinking of one in particular).

Anyhoo, the point of the story is that today, one of my alias identities was mentioned on the website.

Furthermore, I recieved a gmail from some bloke at the BBC who was asking me, or at least my alias, if I would care to join their BBC Radio 4 programme – something to do with ‘Woman’s hour’ with Jenni Murray (who was no doubt ranting about Size Zero women).

It was all very odd, and I politely declined – simply as I have no intention of appearing on the radio, and not because my voice is a little too deep to portray the ‘woman’ they were trying to contact.

Another of my Aliaiiiiii were also on a page today, but that’s as I had submitted my views to them via email and it was in the ‘reader comments’ – and not because they liked me.

This incident did, however, get me thinking as to how desperate these shows are to feature people. I know some people that would love to be on television or radio – something I have never wanted. However, in the past I have been approached by the BBC to appear on a television show with the lovely Mariella Frostrup; I have been contacted by Channel 4 (not sure how they got my details) to appear on several gameshow type television shows – including one called Celebrity P0rn (not sure if it was a gameshow or not, to be honest).

They must surely pick out names of people who have entered competitions or something, or scour the internet on a particular topic looking for people in certain areas so that they can invite them on the show.

I have no interest in being on the TV, or on the radio, or having my 15 minutes of fame in any way at all.

And neither do my other lovely personalities.

I leave you now with images of the lovely ladies, Jenni Murray and Jennifer Garner. You can decide who is who.



(click on Jenni1 for a larger image – pervert)

#1 – so why try harder

April 24, 2007 3 Comments

Gold A couple of years ago I wrote a short story, which some of you may remember after I posted a link to it on

I noticed that a recent text competition on had the theme of ‘Trapped’ which fit this story quite nicely, so I went back to it, edited it a little, and submitted it.

I’m more than delighted to say that it has given me my very first Gold Trophy for an advanced contest. W00t!

I’ve had a gold medal before for coming first in one of the beginner photoshop contests, but never a trophy.

You can read my story along with the other great entries here.

10 things I need to get rid of before I move

April 23, 2007 6 Comments

I’m moving soon, and am currently going through the stuff in my bedroom which I have collected over the past 10 years and for some reason kept a hold of…when I don’t really need them. The fact I wish to try and minimalise my life a little whilst moving means I have to be harsh with what I do, and do not, want.

And yes…there’s stuff which is just crap and I don’t need to give a seconds thought about.

So here I have a list of 10 things I need to get rid of before I leave. Should anyone want them, or have a novelty use for them, please do let me know.

1) A large street sign, ripped from the wall of a building I lived in up in Scotland, signed by a few friends. Would make an ideal gift for anyone with a love of metal things, or street-signs, or such.

2) 5 boxes (count-em) of The X-Files related memorabilia – includes seasons 1-8 on VHS (season 1 is signed by one of the actors); many many comics and magazines – most of which have Gillian Anderson gyrating in underwear – perhaps; various different collectible, and not so collectible stuffs.

3) Sopranos Season 2 on VHS – which is almost like saying it’s on Beta nowadays. I should have Season 1 floating around somewhere too – but not sure where.

4) A Zip drive for the PC, which I’ve never actually bothered to plug in and try to use.

5) An internal power supply, also for the PC, which I have used, and which may or may not still work. It smells a little like burning, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had blown up at one point in the past.

6) 3 photographs of me, aged 4, 11 and 20 respectively. These will go to the highest bidder – though I do have a reserve price (of a Playstation 3).

7) Three bean bags used for juggling. They are red and yellow and shaped liked a humbug (the black and white striped mint, for those who don’t know). I first learnt to juggle with them…but they are now old and dirty and need to go. <insert your own jokes here>

8) A plush head of Tigger that goes ‘boing’ when you squeeze it. He’s covered in dust from when the ceiling caved in, and I’m not too sure if the ‘boing’ bit still works.

9) A glass chess set, made of glass and frosted glass. It would go well on a glass table, or in a greenhouse. If you use pennies (cents for the Americans amongst us) you can play draughts (checkers for the Americans amongst us) on it too.

10) One very old knee length leather jacket made from cute baby lambs – from back in my Matrix days. It looks cool if you wear shades and walk down the street in slow motion.

There we have it. I wish that were all I have to throw out…but it isn’t. That’s just some of the things I can remember off the top of my head.


April 22, 2007 1 Comment

Fantastic video about a DJ who can change the course of destiny using his decks.

Sounds rubbish…but then so did Face/Off whenever someone attempted to describe it…so just watch this.

Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder

April 22, 2007 Leave a Comment

Thief LionPosted on my forum, but rather amusing so I reposted here.

I am such a thief sometimes!

The Zimmers

April 19, 2007 3 Comments

There was an article on the BBC recently about The Zimmers, a band made up of 40 or so senior citizens, some past the century mark who are releasing a cover of The Who’s ‘My Generation’. This will be screened on BBC2 in May as part of the Power to the People series.

I’m all for giving old people a grand day out, and if recording an album at the Abbey Road studios does it for them over a trip to Brighton beach then that’s no problem. The money spent will surely be absorbed and then some with the profits that this novelty single will make.

However, I fail to see it as an all empowering stick your finger up at a society that’s left you for dead message which the documentary makers want us to feel it is. The single will be purchased by those wishing to do good, or those who buy it for the novelty value – not because it’s a great cover…which I don’t feel it is. It’ll soon be forgotten, there will be a brief article in a few papers when one of the ‘band members’ dies. If it really catches on, there may be another group doing another song next year, which will not gain quite as much momentum as this one as it’s all been done before.

Empowering the lives of our elders is fantastic. Raising awareness of organisations such as Help the Aged is also wonderful. This video, though, leaves me cold. I feel nothing for the people in the video. It doesn’t make me want to buy it, nor does it make me want to donate any money. A group of, mostly bemused, looking old people attempting to sing started off as being fine, but when it comes to seeing them breaking instruments with their frail bodies, and the final shot of the guy sticking his middle finger up at the camera just makes me think ‘grow the fuck up and hold a charity bingo night’.

Some gimmicks work, I’m sure this one will. I’m just not convinced that wrapping this novelty song in a blanket of empty promises is going to have such a longlasting effect. I quote from their myspace page:

“Oh and by the way, don’t tell them you think this is funny, with more aggression than Nirvana and more talent than The Beatles, these OAP’s are here to stay. Their first single ‘My Generation’ is released on May 14th. Expect it to climb faster than a Stenna Stair Lift!

Other songs in THE ZIMMERS repertoire include ‘Firestarter’ by The Prodigy, ‘When I’m (one hundred and)64’ by The Beatles and the live favorite (Jermain Stewarts worldwide hit) ‘We Don’t have to take our clothes off (to have a good time)’.”

Somehow I doubt it.

Dice Stacking

April 16, 2007 1 Comment

This guy has far too much time on his hands…but it’s all sweet nonetheless.

I bet his family can’t play any board games though, as all the dice will be missing.

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